Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Whoa....I missed something there. What happened to July????

I blinked. That has to be it. I blinked and July was *gone.*

Sadly, along with it has gone a lot of the respect I had for my DH, and I am now making plans to become self-sufficient again. Once I do, I will give him an ultimatum: You gamble one more time and we are through. emoticon

While we were in the Hills, he chose to gamble the last of his money. Thankfully, this time the bills got paid first, but still. That meant no groceries. And for me, no caffeine. Yes, I have a caffeine addiction. If that is the worst thing I am ever addicted to, I will count myself very lucky. (And really? I'm not sure if it's caffeine, or carbonated beverages. I'm okay with Diet Sprite, too.) But he made sure he had tobacco to roll his cigarettes. *sigh* AND he called me the morning we were coming home to tell me to get gecko food because he'd "had a bad night." Mind you, he was supposed to have gone fishing the night before. I'm pretty sure you don't catch walleye in a casino. So there went the last of my b-day money from my father, which I am specifically *not* supposed to spend on household/auto/pet supplies/items.

So, while I love my MT work, it's not enough to be self-sufficient yet. Tomorrow I have an interview at First Premier, in their collections department. With my current credit, I doubt I will get hired, but since the worst they can tell me is "no," we'll see what happens. I have a few other applications out there, as well.

In the interim, I'm training with another MT company, and so far I am enjoying it. I am hoping no news is good news from QA, too. emoticon I am also going to spend more time working my other contract. The pay is low, but some pay is better than "no" pay. emoticon

Today I had small goals:
Hit my 10 report max with ST.
Get 10 reports with OTM.
Do 30 minutes on the treadmill.

I have 8 reports done for ST and 4 for OTM. I'm not sure I'll hit that goal, but I'm pretty close.

I didn't do 30 minutes on the treadmill. I did *60*!!! I did 30 at a "workout pace" for me...then 30 as a cool-down/stroll to see if I could make it through the entire Dr. Phil episode. emoticon Which happened to be on spouses abusing their overweight partners. And then yes, I showered afterwards!! emoticonemoticon Need proof?? Here ya go!!

So now it's off to work on those reports. I also hit my goal of 8 glasses of water again. (2 of which were drank while on the treadmill!!) emoticon

(Oh...and the caffeine thing? My DS was nice enough to let me use money from collecting cans, with the change I had left over, and a $1 off coupon AND Wal-Mart dropped the price from $4.02 to $2.98...I was able to get a 12-pack to share for the rest of the week. He gets to share the 12-pack *and* he gets the rewards points (vanilla coke zero). So then my DH comes home with a 2L bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper because he "had to borrow $25 from work anyway." I know...it was a nice thought...I'm just scared to ask if he borrowed it from the till (aka stole?) or from a coworker??)


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