Monday, August 18, 2008

Potentially Good News Today

Pending a drug test, employment history verification, references, and credit check, I start with First Premier on the 2nd. Yay!! The only one I'm worried about is the credit check. They are only looking for credit card chargeoffs and fraud, so I should be okay. It is a great starting wage, is full time, and has good benefits. It will be nice not having to scrape for money all the time, although the first couple of checks will be to get my bank account up above a 0 balance again. emoticon

I got my first check from my 2nd MT company today, and it was off by $8. I knew it would be small, only $18 and change, but it was $10.01!! So my first thought was that the gal who trained me told me wrong on figuring up the lines. Sure enough, the total I was paid matched my stats from the software, not the line count from Word. I'm not mad, because the normal method is that stat counter (and Word includes lines we don't put in there, they are system-generated). I'm just frustrated overall with the gal who trained me as she gave me quite a bit of incorrect information and non-information. I would say that half the questions I asked her, she didn't know the answer to. But it's still a decent contract, and so I won't complain. emoticon

I called my nephew today on Skype (so we can see each other with the webcams) and the first thing he asked for was our hamster (aka our leopard gecko! lol). He did finally call it a gecko (before it was a snake!) and found it very funny as Ziggy was climbing up my shoulder and tickling my neck!! emoticon It was really neat, and I love being able to see him like that, since I can't see him in person as often as I would like.

I finished the Pacifier Bear I had been crocheting. What a relief! It is absolutely adorable, but because of the loop stitch, it took forever! I can't post pictures because I don't want the recipient to see it yet. It's her Christmas gift. Or b-day gift. Whichever works. She'll get them all in October. hehe

Over the weekend I read the last 2 books in the Twilight Saga. Oh man. I cannot wait to see the movie. Conveniently moved up to the weekend after my son's it wrong to take him for his b-day when I also so desperately want to see it?? emoticon But now I'm at a loss. I don't feel like working on my 2 afghans, nor my wrap, nor read the Stephen King novel I just bought (the first in the Dark Tower series, I've never read them!). I'm sure I'll figure something out to do. emoticon

On the DH front...things are as usual. He's all lovey-dovey now that I have this conditional job offer. Didn't bother to call or apologize for being 3 hours late coming home. Typcial. Once I am done with training (last day of training is the 19th of September) he gets the ultimatum. One more misstep and I am through. I do not need the headaches.

On that note...time to find something to go through my closet and dig out my professional clothes....ugh. It's a call center...why can't I wear jeans??? emoticon


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