Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am strong.
I am determined.
I am sexy.
I am passionate.
I am brave.
I am greater than.

So - I clicked on a random post of mine from 2010. Well, not exactly random. The title caught my eye: "**warning! very long post!!** It was almost TGIF..."

It was from a day that started off really well, went sharply downhill emotionally, and ended on a neutral-to-positive note with what I took away from it. As I read a few others from roughly that time period - I realize how far emotionally I have come. How strong I really am. And I'm glad I found that mantra above back. I think it's time to print it and hang it up to remind myself every day that I am all of those things.

As I go back over a few more older posts I'm amazed at quite a few things:

My creativity.
My willingness to share.
My acknowledgement of what I knew and know are my "trouble areas."

But mostly - with how far I've come in a few short years. And that gives me a lot of hope for the future.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Saturday

Back after a long absence!! Moved to another state - son moved to yet another state. lol Today's blog:

Well - yesterday turned out to be interesting. I knew we would be going out to The Winking Lizard for dinner and drinks as a friend was having her birthday dinner there. I planned on one thing in my food planner but when we got there - well, they had a Mardi Gras menu and the Spicy “N’awlins” Flatbread Pizza just called my name. No side, just a nommy flatbread pizza. MyHoney and I also split a New Years Paddle - samples of 4 beers:

GLBC Edmund Fitzgerald Draft - Robust Porter (USA) 5.8% ABV
Complex, roasty aroma with a bitter sweet, chocolate-coffee taste

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter Draft - Porter (USA) 4.7% ABV
Big aroma and flavor of vanilla with chocolate and roasted nut

Stone Smoked Porter Draft - Porter (USA) 5.9% ABV
Chocolate and coffee character with a light smokiness

Alltech Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale - Strong Ale (USA) 8.2% ABV
Full of vanilla, wood and bourbon aromas and flavors from 6 weeks of lagering in freshly decanted bourbon barrels.

The best was, by and large, the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. The aroma was pure joy and the taste was fantastic. My second favorite was the Vanilla Porter while MyHoney's was the Edmund Fitzgerald. Funnily enough, my third favorite was the Edmund and his was the Vanilla! And we both agreed that of the 4 we liked the Stone Smoked Porter the least.

I was very pleased, once I added in all the ingredients, to find I stayed on the lower end of my calories for the day. And for the taste? WOW. Too bad it's a limited time menu item!

Overall - I had a pretty good week. I stayed on track calorie-wise and did manage to hit the skier twice. I'm not doing the arm part of the skier - just trying to get the legs coordinated! I may get brave and ask MyHoney to give me some pointers. I am now officially looking forward to spring and getting a bicycle again. He's an avid cyclist with no problems riding 12 miles to work. And he has the calves to show for it. Very muscular and he happens to look mighty fine in his kilt!!

This next week will be continued focus on tracking my calories and getting in a bit more exercise. I know that eventually I need to break my diet soda addiction - and for all who say to drink coffee or tea or other caffeinated beverages - it's not that easy. One - coffee and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the smell - it hates my stomach. And it's not the caffeine. It's the artificial sweetener, aspartame. But - when I'm ready to give it up, it will come as naturally and easily (yes, easily for me!) as quitting smoking 19 years ago.

On to the next week!!