Sunday, February 06, 2011

What on earth happened to January??

I swear, I looked at my calendar and it was just barely the beginning of January. And now it's already February? Time to get my flail on!!

For what, exactly, am I flailing? Well...I'm making a huge change in my life. My son is 18 and is no longer in school I'm no longer required to keep tabs on him (although it's hard not to) and I've always said once he turns 18 I'm living my life for me. So the beginning of May I am moving to Ohio!!

But here's the caveat -- I'm only taking what will fit in my minivan and the 4x8 trailer I have. That means no furniture is going with. I'll take my airmattress and bedframe, my camping chair, my folding table and chairs, the toybox I got as a young 'un that Dad made and is my blanket chest, and the Barbie dollhouse Dad and Uncle Russell made for me when I was a young 'un. I am wanting a clean start and that is what I am doing.

It's scary and exciting. It's guilt-wrenching and relieving. I feel so bad moving even farther away from my Dad and my brother and his family. I feel guilty leaving my son. I'm also really looking forward to this. I have so many friends in OH already, courtesy of Ravelry. It's just amazing how people you meet online and then in person as they travel can be just as comfortable as meeting family. There are better job opportunities for me there, as well.

And it's just time for me. Time for me to explore. Time for me to continue learning about myself.

And time to start purging myself of the past, so to speak. I'm already sorting and culling what I want to take with. Priorities, of course. Two cats, slow cooker, roaster, marble pastry roller, wine glasses, glass food storage, books, yarn, blankets, fishing stuff...what else? Oh, yes. Clothes. ;-) The people in Ohio might appreciate that.

I took on a second job to help add to the moving fund. I work at a hotel at the front desk and oddly, I really enjoy it. Between that and my other job, I work anywhere from 44 to 60 hours a week. Which means my eating habits have dropped back into the quick-and-easy-but-not-necessarily-healthy category. I've regained some weight and need to get refocused on that a bit. If only healthy food tasted like chocolate, yes?

My son is looking forward to my moving. What teenager would't be? But he's also apprehensive a bit and we've been talking things over about different options he will have to pay bills and such. His best friend has already laid claim to my room, which I find amusing. He is really enjoying his job at McDonalds but is also thinking things through as to what he wants to do with his life. He has a good head on his shoulders and he has what he needs to make the right choices. Hopefully he doesn't let himself get swayed too much by his peers...

This all sounds kind of crazy and sudden for me...but it's been in the works in my head for a long time. And things are falling together for it nicely. Some One is watching out for me and guiding me down this path. I'm looking forward to seeing where it leads.

And to enjoy my life. I was reminded today at work...

Sometimes, tomorrow never comes....