Sunday, October 08, 2017


Let's call it the end of a very, very long week 23, shall we?

It's been a crazy, great summer, though. And even with not staying on plan - or anywhere near it, really! - I've maintained the weight loss I had at the end of March.

Some highlights -

April, of course, we got married.  He left one job and then went back but on our terms.  No more opening shifts and 2 set days off per week, cross-training and raises, and supervisor training.  Which lasted not so long, of course.  While they never scheduled him opening again, his hours were all over the place between 7am and 5pm, and anywhere from 15-40 hours.  He was one of the few that were supposed to get no less than 30 hours per week period.  And those 2 set days off?  Happened maybe 4 weeks total.

May - we got the Nutri Ninja and I love it for my shakes.  I add a handful of spinach, a touch of vanilla extract, and then if it's the strawberry shake I add some sugar-free strawberry syrup because otherwise I can't really drink it - it's not my favorite.  If I have the vanilla shake then I'll add caramel syrup (sugar-free) and powdered peanut butter.  I haven't used it nearly as much as I should be, though.

June was rough for me - I had to realize that I just couldn't do my coaching sessions over the phone on my lunch breaks anymore.  There have been changes at work and they're not being quite as flexible about schedule changes - holding the non-phone people to the phone scheduling system (which can literally change your break time during your shift!).  But I do have the local branch now and I started going there and I really like my new coach.

July - 2 birthdays (including a 40th!) and still with the hot weather.  I can't walk outside in the heat hardly at all so I spent my breaks sitting.  I can tell, too.  I'm stiff and achy again.  I did go see a personal trainer twice and realized I am definitely stronger than I think!  I'm right around average to above average (except in sit-ups, ha!).  He had me use a TRX system the first time and I loved it.  The second session was a punching bag and medicine ball - and I loved that too!  (I think I like aggressive outlets....haha)

August - yeah, more heat.  Oh, and the Farmer's Market?  On the one day we can go, they have almost no actual produce but a few vendors with things like jams, kettlecorn, and a few other things I don't remember.  It was super disappointing for us.  I'm sure they probably had more things on the other days/hours they were open - but we couldn't get there so it didn't help us much.  We've been hitting Safeway, though, and their produce is pretty good in general.

September flew by.  I'd go on and off plan - and finally just took the month.  I cancelled my coaching sessions and did some digging around and thinking and I feel like I've sorted some things out.  The biggest thing is that I'm not beating myself up over "falling off the wagon."  It happened, but I still had learned some things and am listening to my body a lot more.  I  bit the bullet and ordered "DDPYoga" - because this video is so inspiring:

I also made the decision to start walking 1 mile twice a day - when I wake up and before I go to bed.  So I got the okay from Dad to move the coffee table into the back room.  I'll use my WATP dvds for the walking - I'll alternate days with DDPYoga with resistance band strength training.

I also disabled my Facebook account - and a month later I'm not missing it one bit.  AND my husband finally left that other job for good.  He got an offer at a wooden toy manufacturer, tried to talk to his manager to give her two weeks' notice and she kept blowing him off, so after 2 days (the amount of time he told the new employer he would get back to him with a start date) - he finished out that week's schedule and quit.  And it felt so good....for all of us!  He's now working M-F 8-430, what a blessing!

So October - we're 8 days in and where am I?  Well, October first we did this:

From the Crazy Horse Memorial websiteThe bi-annual Crazy Horse Volksmarch (an organized hike) is a 10K or 6.2-mile woodlands ramble to the world’s largest mountain carving in progress in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota.

It was definitely a challenge and towards the end of the uphill climb I think I was stopping every 50 feet or so.  The level part coming back wasn't much better - my feet HURT.  But I DID IT.  And I used the exercise tracking option on my FitBit and it said I did it in 4 hours.  I had a feeling it would take that long - and I'm not at all disappointed.  It's a HIKE.

So - I will try to get back to weekly posts - there's some Skoolie updates, too - slow progress but progress!  He's framing now and once that is all figured out the rest should go fairly quickly.  And I have to go find the clearance lights!

Until next time!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 23 Profile by Sanford


So, I was still pretty off-plan this last week although I did make some better choices, such as taking advantage of Panera's Rapid Pick Up service - I'd order a customized salad on the app and schedule it to be ready when I dropped my husband off and there was my lunch!  It's been hard finding and keeping decent salads/mixes at home lately....

Up a bit this week - understandable as there's not been a lot of walking and not getting all my water in most days either.

So back to the walking I must get!  I found some great beginner resistance tube workouts on Pinterest and when my husband gets home this afternoon we're going to talk about food and exercise.  He's been wanting to get back on his bicycle and I would like to get back on mine as well.  It's been really hard for him - he's used to bicycling everywhere and hasn't been able to do much at all since we got here a bit over a year ago.  There are some local people on the Profile Facebook group and we're hoping to schedule a weekly meetup at Planet Fitness - I think that will be fun!

My coach and I finally reconnected this week; it feels like it's been forever since we've talked!  And she was kind of sly in putting in the, "You don't think you can make yourself a priority?" in the conversation.  And she's right.  My biggest issue, I thought, was that I don't like a lot of vegetables.  So we agreed that veggies would be my focus this week.  So I took out my Profile guide out and wrote down a list of veggies I like, veggies that I'm "meh" about, and veggies I'd like to try.  It's a bit of a long list!  But Friday, as we were at the grocery store getting things together for a Father's Day picnic, I realized what is probably more of the problem.  I wanted to make rollups instead of sandwiches for myself and for that I needed romaine lettuce.  Granted, we only went to that big box store we all know and dislike, and so that might have been part of it.  But of the 7 or 8 packages of romaine, all had brown tips, bug holes, and slimy spots (and 1 ladybug!).  So I'm wondering if it's more of a "I like veggies but can't find decent produce!" thing?  So I'm busily pinning recipes (and if you have any suggestions, please post them below!) and what I might do is make a "master list" to take to the Farmer's Market Tuesday night.  Then for at least a few days I can have good veggies and may have to figure out leftovers and frozen or tricks (like spinach in the strawberry shake!) for the rest of the week.

So goals this week are to get strength training in 3 days a week, bike with my husband 2-3 days a week, meet up at PF 1 day a week, and walk on all my breaks!

On the Skoolie front, they got the flooring in!  We went with a hardwood laminate and then opted to lay it sideways instead of length-wise and we're all pretty tickled with it!

My husband has sketched in wall framing and we got 1 more package of hardwood flooring (but a different style that was less expensive) - we were short about 10 square feet to also do under the bed so we'll use up the flooring above and put the new flooring where it won't be visible along the walls.  Easy finish option as it will all be level and no hard thought required!!  Those first 2 open spaces on the right (well, the corner of the first one!) are where the benches will go for the dinette.  Then the floored section after is where the sink/Panda washing machine/water heater will go.  Then bathroom area.  That black stock tank is our shower tub!!  And it's back by where the bed will go.  Coming back down, the wheel well you can see on the left will be where the closet will be built, then fridge, cooktop, and new countertop oven we decided would be better than our toaster oven, countertop, and then a quasi-entertainment center - it will be countertop that sits lower than the kitchen countertop (level with the bottom of the windows, whereas the kitchen countertop will be taller and a more workable working height) and will be where a TV or computer monitor will go, and will hold games and home office supplies and probably some of our art stuff, too.  Getting there!!  With more of a set schedule, hopefully they can get a lot more progress done and soon so we can give it a good test!!

My little Ukulele loom came in from Windhaven Fiber Tools last Friday!!  I'm still waiting on the Accordian loom, but this little guy is such fun!!  Dad made the jig for me once I determined the best length heddle to make and hopefully the piece of scrap wood we selected is long enough for the Accordian heddles too - but if not, we can always find more scrap wood!!  Then I'll get corks to put over the tops of the nails to prevent hurting anyone accidentally!

And in the short amount of time I've had it, I've gone from this:
To this:

And last night I was working on this:

So I've definitely been having fun with that!  There's some fun tablet weaving patterns I want to try but I'm afraid that unless I made 1-inch tablets/cards, it's not at all feasible with this little guy!  (Doesn't mean I won't try later on!)  But there are some lovely patterns out there and I've got plenty to play with!

Until next time!


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weeks 19-22 Profile by Sanford

Wow - time has flown!  We've had birthdays, holidays, sickness, accidents, and family visits.  Job changes, job changes again, and hot hot weather!  I think we literally went from still running the wood stove to where's the air conditioner in less than 24 hours at one point!

I have been as off-plan as off-plan can get, too.  I've maintained the weight loss, though, which says a lot as previously I've always gained it back after being off-plan for so long. That tells me that the mental side of it is kicking in and I'm making better choices.

In there I had my birthday and Memorial Day and Mother's Day...all bad for the waistline if you let them!  Last week I had a cold bad enough to keep me home from work for 2 days and still coughing a week later.  But finally feeling mostly back to normal.  That means, of course, not a lot of walking has been happening because it was really  hard to breathe.  My Fitbit stats reflect that a little bit - for brevity I'm only posting the most recent week:

But I'm already ansty to get back to walking and you can see by Monday and Tuesday I was ready to go!  I've purchased some resistance bands from Profile by Sanford and will be adding strength training to me repertoire somehow.  That's part of today's tasks, to figure that out!

On the weight loss front, I'm not quite to Twodorland but I'm super close!!

For reference:

That's a whole lotta fast food!!

My sister-in-law's parents are in town and we had a lovely visit with them, going to Bear Country, USA and then lunch at Famous Dave's - and I think the 3 ladies were the only ones who weren't regretting eating there!  I had the catfish fingers (breaded and fried but not greasy which is nice!) and garlic mashed potatoes and 1 corn bread muffin.  I was satisfied without having gone overboard.

Earlier this week we were in a 4-car accident - thankfully no serious injuries!  Everyone walked away!  One lady did get checked over by the EMTs but she went home with her daughter and her other daughter drove that car home - although I'm sure it's a total loss.  We were at an intersection, fully stopped, waiting for the SUV in front of us to turn left and she was waiting for oncoming traffic to open up so she could do so safely.  A pickup that had been jacked up and "tricked out" rear-ended car #1, pushing that into car #2, pushing car #2 into our rear end, lifting it and moving us forward 2 feet.  We have an '02 Durango, not a light vehicle at all, and again, fully stopped, brakes fully engaged.  Car #1 was crumpled, multiple fluids leaking, but driver was safe.  Car #2 rear end was crumpled, and passenger side fender was crumpled.  Both will most likely be considered a total loss by insurance.  We sustained minor damage - the hitch we just put on a few weeks ago needs to be replaced as does the bumper and bumper assembly.  But it's drive-able, the parts will be in in a few days, and it will be back to the way it was.  The advantages of a good solid vehicle!  We did go to Urgent Care and get checked out - my brother had literally just gotten off the plane coming home from a conference and he came to follow us over to make sure we were good and the Durango was good.  Yay brother to the rescue! ☺

I did purchase a Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ so I can start making my shakes into smoothies, including adding spinach to the strawberry one.  I had a gift card yet from Christmas to use which helped - but since I'd killed the store-brand version when we were in Ohio, I figured a Ninja should serve me well!

Things should be getting back on track - more so now that we've ironed some things out with my husband's employer.  He took a leave of absence (they didn't want him to quit when he found a different job - that job didn't work out as well as we'd hoped) and agreed to come back on our terms - no more opening and specific hours availability, and basically set days off unless absolutely necessary.  He also wanted some recognition for the fact that the majority of the customer comments/compliments mention him by name, that he's the only one who has yet to call off since they opened, he has the experience others don't but is still stuck at the cash register.  So he received training to become a trainer and is in line for supervisor training, finally.  That means I can schedule things accordingly - like meeting local Profile people once a week.  And it means being able to schedule workout times for strength training.

Until next time!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week 18 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from May 3through May 9, 2017. I do tend to get discombobulated a bit so while the weight/measurements run those weeks, what I write about may not. :-)

This week as all up in the air - I took Thursday and Friday off, partly for my birthday and partly to get some work done on the Skoolie.  Friday was also a 5th grade entrepreneur fair - my nephew had designed desk water bottle holders last year and so this year he used those as his product.  If I'm remembering correctly, each student had to have a product, determine cost to make it, apply for a loan from the school, obtain a "business license" from the school, and pay a fee for space, make the products, and sell them.  Any profit they made was theirs to keep.  The fair was open to the public and there were some really cool ideas!!  

So Thursday and Friday mornings my husband and I tinted most of the windows on the Skoolie.  Friday afternoon was the school fair, and then we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for supper and had birthday cake.  Saturday was a lay-about day.  Just not a lot of oomph.  :-)  Today we got all but the back door and 2 corner windows tinted - we need one more roll of tint.  

Last Saturday we went to Custer State Park - we took Needles Highway down there and he got to see the Needles Eye - as a rock hound, he was tickled with that whole bit.  Then we took the wildlife loop through the park - and those buffalo calves are sure cute as they're learning to use their legs!  The burros were happy to eat the chips we brought, as always, and even the prairie dogs and antelope made an appearance!  We took Iron Mountain Road back to Hill City via Keystone and had a drink at the winery where he works.  All in all, a very lovely day (and a very not-so-lovely sunburn on my left arm....oops!!)

So, here are the numbers - again, not worried, not going to fret - learning to just go with it.  I know that trying to stick to plan 100% of the time isn't going to work for me and I know that my numbers will show that.  I strive for 95% and am happy at 80% - and that's about what you do at maintenance levels, depending on who you talk to.  Part of the program is learning to overcome the mental obstacles and the striving for perfection is the hardest one for me.

Those weekends and my steps...we need to learn to dance better!!  :-)

Until next week!!


Sunday, May 07, 2017

Week 17 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from April 26 through May 2, 2017. I do tend to get discombobulated a bit so while the weight/measurements run those weeks, what I write about may not. :-)

While not perfect, I did much better about staying on plan this week.  There were still a couple of Panera mornings but overall, much better and much more conscious of what I was eating when I was off plan.  And it showed:

I'm pretty tickled with that.  And, because it's the start of a new month, here are measurements, which won't be too unchanged from a couple of weeks ago:

Still, there is some loss and I'll take it, for sure and for certain.  It is a bit frustrating to still be ordering the same size clothes but then I remember, they actually fit now, versus too tight and never getting worn.  In fact, I bought 2 pairs of cropped jeans for summer last week and the one pair is already able to be pulled off without unzipping...and I'd bought them one size smaller than usual.  The pair in the store were a bit snug - the pair we had to order is the pair that are a bit loose!  So, a wonderful NSV (non-scale victory) there!  And, just to remind myself of the body composition changes - I'm wearing the same tank top in these pictures but clearly not the same pants.  When I tried on the other pair of crop pants and looked at myself in the mirror, I was kind of gobsmacked at the difference in side view of my legs.  

Definitely progress!!

And this week's FitBit stats:

A couple of decreases but overall, an improvement!  The weekly challenge among some of my FitBit friends has helped, along with the overall weather, and one friend at work who walks over to my desk to tell me what she saw of me walking on my morning break - be it that she really likes my shirt or that she noticed I didn't have as much "pep in my step" and wanting to make sure I was okay.  Thank you, sweetie!!

This is our last week of 3am wake-up calls - yes!!  And only 4 days - his last day at Panera is the Thursday, we're taking Friday off to spend with family, and he starts the winery Saturday.  Well, officially starts - he's worked the last 2 Fridays for a couple of events they had.  We'll be doing almost a complete turn-around in schedule as my new schedule will be 9:30am-6:00pm (versus 6:30am-3:00pm) and his will vary from 10am-6pm, 11am-7pm, or 12pm-8pm+closing duties.  My intent is to still wake up relatively early - 6am - and do a quick walk/hike/strength-training before we head out - I'll be dropping him off in Hill City by 8:45am to ensure I can get to work in Rapid City by 9:30am.  The first week will get us some time frames worked out but then it will be smooth sailing!

So, until next week!


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 16 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from April 19 through April 25, 2017. I do tend to get discombobulated a bit so while the weight/measurements run those weeks, what I write about may not. :-)

What a rough month and, consequently, week.  Let's just get these numbers over with, shall we?

Uff da.  But, in looking back, I've been off plan far more than on plan, I'm afraid.  And it shows - no loss this month.  In fact, 2/10 of a pound in gain.  BUT for all the off-plan, I'm impressed that that's all the gain I had.  I would almost say it's more of a maintenance than a gain.  We ended up eating out a couple of times and that doesn't help, of course.  No excuses, but things to remember for the future.

Getting steps in has been interesting with this crazy South Dakota weather!  We woke up to snow TWICE this week and it was cold/rainy all week long.

Walking in the winter coat that didn't zip up at Christmas!


Windy day!!!

But I did it - even on the weekends!! 

And I think it was Tuesday - but it might have been Wednesday or Thursday after these stats - it was raining out on my first break and I really didn't want to walk outside - and I really didn't want to walk around the break room as that's when a lot of people are just getting in to work and getting their coffee, etc.  Then I remembered! Leslie Sansone, of WATP (Walk Away The Pounds), has some workouts on her YouTube channel - including a couple of 5-minute ones!  So I went upstairs (and walked up the stairs, no elevator!!) to a quiet area rarely frequented, hit play, and went for it!  Then back down the stairs, across the building to the breakroom to get my blender bottle (I fill those with water when I first get to work and put them in the fridge) and back to my desk.  My goal for the next month is to hit that step goal every weekend too, then increase it by a factor of 10%.  Even though I'm hitting it during the week, weekends seems to be a bear for me.  No structure, no schedule is hard for me.  

And while there was no weight loss this month, there's still things to be proud of.  Those steps, for example.  Feeling more energetic as a general rule (not counting the being so tired from getting up at 3am for his job).  Going to my new favorite store, Torrid, and buying denim capris a size smaller.  Flappy jeans when I'm walking (which amuses me to no end!).  (Flappy jeans - the material flaps as I walk because it's so loose.)  And ALL my jeans can now be taken off without unbuttoning or unzipping.  That's even the pair that was still snug a couple of weeks ago.  So while measurements haven't been changing much, weight loss has been stalled, things are really looking up.

For example, blood pressure.  Ideally, it should be between 90/60 and 120/80.  January 3rd it was 143/84.  I take this with the proverbial grain of salt because I was definitely feeling dehydrated that morning (we'd spent the night in a very warm hotel room the night before and I was doing fasting blood work that morning as well) and the nurse had tried 3 times with an arm cuff before switching to a wrist cuff.  Still, kind of scary.  I've been regularly checking it Wednesday evenings and this last week it was at 123/62.  It ranges up to the 130s over 80s, and sometimes higher if I forget to sit still during the reading or forget to wait a few minutes after coming upstairs.  But I like these numbers.  The beginning of July I plan on getting the blood work done again to see how that has changed also.

Other news - there are only 11 more days of waking up before the crack of dawn!!  My husband got a job at one of the winery/breweries in Hill City.  It will mean a fair bit more driving and a lot more meal planning - but it will get us on a more normal biorhythm, too.  My goal is on nice days to go walking/biking outside and on yucky days to stop at Planet Fitness before going to pick him up.  I was able to switch my schedule from 6:30am-3:00pm to 9:30am-6:00pm.  The earliest his shift ends will be 6:00pm so this will work out nicely.  I'm mentally planning larger breakfasts and lunches which will also help with sleeping at night.

Skoolie news - insulation is in!

That pile is what is left plus one more roll - and let me tell you what: even with the cold weather we had, the temperature difference inside the Skoolie is noticeable.  In just a t-shirt and jeans I was almost comfortable.  Hard to believe, isn't it?  Definitely a good investment and a great score!  (Regular price would have been $350 and he got it for $35!!)

We thought we had an on-demand water heater but on closer viewing it's a hot water dispenser - meaning it has a tiny tank inside for providing hot water for a cup of coffee or tea.  Not what we need at all!  So we're going to test it anyway and if it works sell it.  We had one in mind anyway so now it's a matter of looking at budget for that and what else we need right now to start framing around.  I think the water heater/plumbing are the only two issues.  

So, until next week!!


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 15 with Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from April 12 through April 18, 2017. I do tend to get discombobulated a bit so while the weight/measurements run those weeks, what I write about may not. :-)

As mentioned last week, I will no longer be tracking body measurements weekly.  The next measurements will be taken on May 3rd.  Instead, I'll be adding my Fitbit stats up here.  This past week a friend invited me to a Workweek Hustle challenge and I was within a few hundred steps of one of her friends most of the week - but he pulled ahead by a couple of thousand on Thursday.  Next week, good man, next week!  😅

Weekends are still the bane of my walking existence but I'm getting there!  My daily goal right now 4,000 steps per day.  I've re-started walking on my morning and afternoon breaks and added walking on my lunch break.  That definitely makes hitting that goal easy, as evidenced by Monday and Tuesday!!  

Weight/BMI stats for this week:

Not a lot of change but Saturday we had our Easter dinner - and with good ham comes lots of sodium.  This isn't something I'm going to fret over - but definitely need to refocus.  Which I've said how many weeks now?  😖  A big challenge this week was.....vegetables.  I was so over vegetables this week.  My favorite, riced cauliflower with peas, carrots, and green onions and I couldn't eat them.  After talking to my coach Thursday, I went out to the food truck (I'm fortunate in that my employer allows local vendors to set up shop for lunches) and got their cheese salad.  We're talking the basics, here.  Iceberg lettuce, shredded cheddar, and their house ranch (they do cajun foods as a specialty) and talk about hitting the spot.  So Friday I brought a similar salad to work as well.  There's also been some Panera goings-on for breakfast Friday and Saturday, so I definitely have some work to do.  

Saturday I went in to town with my husband so I could pick up a bit more overtime.  I had a seasonal greens salad at Panera for lunch and tweaked it a bit.  I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat raw kale....haha  He had a "working interview" Saturday afternoon and we ate in Hill City again.  He'd had the initial application and chat Friday night and we splurged by eating at the Alpine Inn.  The menu consists of 6-ounce or 9-ounce filet mignon, iceberg wedge, house dressing, baked potato and Texas toast.  Nice and simple, yes?  Well.....until you get the dessert menu!  If you're ever in Hill City, SD, you must check them out.  But get there early - the lines form quickly!!

Saturday night we chose a different restaurant and opted for a buffalo/elk burger.  Yum!!  But it was also 8 ounce, plus the bun, plus sweet potato fries, and dessert.  I really, really should have eaten only half and boxed the rest - I was physically uncomfortable the rest of the night.  But his "working interview" seemed to go really well and perhaps there will be news on that front next week.

In other news, I have a cousin getting married this fall and so I've started to crochet one of my favorite afghans.  It's the Very Victorian by Maggie Weldon.  So his socks and my shrug are on a back burner again!  But not for long - I crochet fairly quickly.  I am using my new Trindle drop spindle and get a little bit more spun now and again.  I'm hoping there will be time soon to get my weaving/spinning bench built so I can get my spinning wheel out.  I'm working on a couple of alpaca/merino/silk blends that I'm hoping to spin into a fine yarn with which to weave a wrap on my Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom.  It's nice having a front patio to sit on, but I have to be able to sit!  My wheel sits a bit too tall for any standard chairs so we bought the supplies to build this bench and hopefully we can work on it this spring, along with a lazy kate for plying the singles I spin.

And, some Skoolie progress.  My husband was meandering Menards last weekend looking for insulation.  We had thought the foam boards we planned on using were a lot less expensive than they actually are - but he managed to find rolls of a wool blend for $2.50 a roll - the regular price is around $25!  He grabbed it all up - there was 14 rolls, and there's just a wee bit left.  The best part is it takes the R factor from 7 to 15 and he said when he and Dad were installing it you could already feel a difference.  Nice Skoolie Skore!!  We're very fortunate and grateful that Dad has, as a wedding gift, said we can stay in his driveway another year to test it all out rather than trying to find a place to park it in town.  I'm hoping we'll be "living" in it by June but there's still a lot of work to do.

Until next week!


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Profile by Sanford Week 14

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from April 5 through April 11, 2017. I am starting to get discombobulated a bit so while the weight/measurements run those weeks, what I write about may not. :-)

So, let's start with measurements. They've been driving me nuts the past few weeks - this past week my neck went UP in measurement, even with a large weight loss (keeping in mind I was "making up" for the weight gain last week). I talked this over with my coach and we decided to change up my "markers" - I'm going to do measurements once a month and start focusing on my steps. After today, I'm going to put measurements up with the 1st weigh in of the month, or, in the case of June, the May 31st weigh in - to try to keep them about 4 weeks apart. I'll be taking my weekly logs from FitBit and putting them up here for your viewing pleasure. (I have the One in burgundy and I absolutely love it! I typically wear it clipped to my bra but if need be I'll clip it in the "coin pocket" of my jeans or my waist band. I'm just more nervous about losing it from those last 2 spots but it has yet to work itself loose.) I just discovered that on the Fitbit website I can tailor the week so I'll be able to get the logs to measure the same "weeks" as my Profile week, Wednesday to Tuesday. My little inner geek is pretty tickled with that!

So - last week's weigh in looked like this:

That's that gain I talked about but didn't fret over.

This week's looks like this:

I can't believe I hadn't been putting my bicep measurements in this whole time - that's been added!

And here is the first FitBit clip! I was also able to go back and get steps from January, so that's my starting point.

Of course, the weekend of April 1 I didn't wear my Fitbit due to that surprise wedding, hehe - I put a "1" in there to keep from getting the div/0 error. :-) Weekends are definitely harder for me - I blog/do laundry/kick back and knit a lot on one day and the other day is catch-as-catch-can. Friday, I wore what I'm affectionately referring to as my "Marilyn Monroe" shoes - I like to think she'd have worn them! And if I can walk on my break in these shoes, I can definitely figure out how to get some short walks in on the weekends!!

So, you can see my goals for this week are pretty well laid out - back on track with eating (Easter weekend meant a lot of food - but I still practiced portion control and while I definitely indulged, I definitely did not indulge as much as I might have last year!), getting more steps in, and I want to add strength training, too. And doing that means giving up time doing something else...

Until next week!


Sunday, April 09, 2017

Week 13 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from March 29 through April 4, 2017. I am starting to get discombobulated a bit so while the weight/measurements run those weeks, what I write about may not. :-)

So - I fell off the proverbial wagon and hard. But with good reason:

We got married April 1!

Between end of month at work (mandatory overtime until the work is done) and planning and preparing for our surprise wedding, the last two weeks have been rough as far as staying on plan. And it showed on the scale this week with a 3.75 pound gain. Ouch. But I'm not getting too upset about it - in the grand scheme of things that's not something to fret over. It's just a reminder of what bad habits cause. I'm back on track starting tomorrow and moving forward. I'm going to be adding strength training to my day and with the nicer weather walking more, too. And reminding my husband (which is so terribly fun to say!) to pay a bit more attention to portions and ingredients as he cooks. He's so blessedly tired, though, it's near impossible for me to get upset. His job is going to cause us problems soon, I'm afraid. Getting up at 3:10 in the morning is getting to be too much - we have to keep a "normal" schedule for meals for Dad - so supper is between 6 and 7 pm and there's no way I can go to bed so soon after eating so it's usually between 9 and 10 pm - so 6 hours and usually only 5 hours of sleep makes for some tired driving on a very curvy road in the mornings.

But the wedding was fantastic - we were even able to have it outside! I was able to wear my shoes with a short heel all day, too. I haven't been able to do that in quite awhile! We had a package deal, a "Couples Night Out" that included a king suite with jacuzzi tub, shuttle to/from Deadwood, dinner at the steak house and coupons for the Silverado, as well as a bottle of champagne, chocolates, and rose petals on the bed. Super romantic!! And, we've confirmed what everyone else has already known - we're already an old married couple. We stayed in after all! haha

This past Friday, Profile by Sanford had a sneak peek for their new location that is local to me! I'm pretty tickled - and while I will still do my virtual coaching, it will be so nice to be able to just stop in and get what I need! They had samples out for the trying, and we got to tour the store. I'm looking forward to taking some classes there, too.

So, this week's goals are to get back on track, add in exercise, and increase my step count on my Fitbit. Let's git 'er done!!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weeks 11 & 12 Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from March 15 through March 21, and March 22 through March 28,2017. I am starting to get discombobulated a bit so while the weight/measurements run those weeks, what I write about may not. :-)

So last weekend was super busy with overtime on Saturday and walking around the Home Show with Dad and Casey. Sunday Dad and I were going to work on his computer as he is learning how to use it - but we got distracted by some really good shows on TV!! I never made it to the computer room - oops!!

Here's last week's numbers:

Not a lot of progress, but progress is still progress.

And this week's numbers:

Those inches are interesting, aren't they? Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes no change. I talked to my Profile by Sanford coach today about that and agree that it's most likely due to restructuring going on. Our bodies do things their own way, and I doubt we'll ever really fully understand how they work! But I was still pretty tickled with my progress because last Saturday I went to Lane Bryant to look for a good-fitting strapless bra, very hard to find right now!! But I need it for this upcoming weekend sooo...I happened to come across an adorable pair of crop pants, white with tan stripes. Of course they don't have them in my size, just the size below! But the saleslady was so nice and helpful, she said try on the blue pair of the same style and if they fit I can order the striped pair online. Clever! So I tried on the blue pair and they fit, even a smidge loose. On a whim, I tried on the striped pair - and they came home with me! They're a smidge snug but by the time I'm wearing only crop pants and need to rotate the 3 pair I have, they'll be a great fit! Non-scale victory for the win!! Or would that be the loss...? Hehehe.

This blog post is a two-fer. We've got a very busy weekend coming up and I plan on being offline for most of it. Next week's weight/measurements may reflect this - there will be no following of plan this weekend - although I don't intend to make poor choices, either. I'm learning how much is enough and how much is too much as far as volume goes - and believe me, when I eat too much now I feel it and regret it! So I'm working on learning to control that. I also need to experiment with vegetables - broccoli and cauliflower are getting kind of old at work (and the last few things of frozen broccoli have been pretty gross, to boot!). I also need to incorporate exercise into my day - especially strength training. I enjoy strength training but there's a mental block because I remember how much I used to be able to do and keep comparing my current self to my old self. So hopefully the following weekend I'll have some updates there, too!

On that note:

And I do love my cheese!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 10 Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from March 8 through March 14, 2017. I am starting to get discombobulated a bit so while the weight/measurements run those weeks, what I write about may not. :-)

Saint Patrick's Day brought another potluck at work....I took a veggie tray but still ate small samples of things. Well, small samples except of the desserts...but overall not too bad. I went the week without taking my omeprazole but by the end of the week I was having a "sour stomach" so I started taking it again yesterday. (Of course, we had a greasy pizza Friday night - I did have a super salad with it but....) I'm not upset - I know that I will be able to stop taking it some day - maybe. Because I don't have a gall bladder anymore, I may be stuck on it for a long time but I'm hoping that it will ease up as I get closer to goal.

Non-scale victory - the jeans I couldn't zip up in January now will slide off without unbuttoning/unzipping. Which is funny since they're still sometimes tight in the button! So definitely things are shifting around in my body. I was also able to go to Gordman's yesterday, try one shirt on, and get 4 more in the same size but different brands/styles and have them all fit!! It's definitely progress - and things to keep me positive. I'm going to have to really focus on those as I get closer to 50 pounds. I've lost 45, 47, and 49 pounds in the past - each time gaining it all back plus some. It's like a switch goes off in my head that doesn't let me get past that 50 pound mark. I'm hoping to hit that point by my birthday - so time to refocus and hit it hard! It's actually an attainable goal at just under 3 pounds per week with this plan. So the rest of my computer time today will be spent looking at veggie recipes and formulating a plan. This week is supposed to be nicer (except Tuesday!) again and so I'll likely start walking outside on my breaks, too. And, depending on fatigue levels, after supper in the evenings versus watching TV and knitting or spinning!

I had fun with the spinach crust pizza again today by adding the Profile by Sanford sloppy joe meal replacement to it - it looked funky but tasted pretty good!!

I, of course, read the directions wrong and added too much water so used some extra cheese to thicken it up a bit. I love that spinach crust, though!!

And here are the numbers for this week:

Loving these numbers!

Have a great week, everyone!!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 9 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from March 1 through March 7, 2017.

Rough, rough week. I made a few poor choices, more than I should have, and it showed. I really need to re-focus - my coworkers, bless them, are so sweet and SO food-enabling! They bring in the treats and then say things like they try to bring things everyone likes - with a pointed look at me. I need to remember that my health is more important - they know I'm working on my health. What they don't know, and what I'm not comfortable telling them, is how hard this is mentally for me.

On a side note - my supervisor has "forbidden" me from wearing my favorite purple sweatshirt to work - it's just too big, she said!! And even with the poor numbers this week - there are other NSVs (non-scale victories). The black jeans now need to be constantly hitched up as well. And while this current weekend (the 11-12th of March) has been rough - Saturday we went to my brother's house where my sister-in-law made a wonderful meal (ham, mashed potatotes and green beans) AND cake for my Dad's birthday AND ice cream! (All fantastic!!) For supper we went to Pizza Ranch, as well. For those unfamiliar, it's basically a pizza buffet with a token salad bar. :-) I did have a large salad but I also had 3 small slices of pizza, a tiny cheesy breadstick, and a small piece of dessert pizza. Why is this on the NSV list, you ask? Because I didn't take my antacid yesterday. And I didn't wake up with acid reflux. Not even heartburn. NOT even a feeling of discomfort from overeating when we went to bed. So things are definitely changing for the better!

Without further bush-beating, the numbers.

Not a lot of difference. The measurements are all over the place, though, which was going to start driving me nuts. And then I read this article:

The Whoosh Effect

Interesting reading, and a very good reminder of not letting numbers affect my actions and thoughts as I go along this journey.

This week's goals are to re-vamp my thinking and try to figure out some way to get exercise in. I need to get in to Planet Fitness and do a walk-through on the circuit again - I'm thinking 1/2 circuit on the mornings Casey opens will be good (I really only have 15-20 minutes actual workout time before going to work) and then some walking or something in the afternoons. We'll see.

So until next time....keep on keepin' on!!


Sunday, March 05, 2017

Week 8 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from February 22 through 28, 2017.

Last Friday we babysat our two fantastic nephews - and we got pizza again. But again with spinach and zucchini added. I decided to just not fret over the weekend as we spent some fun times with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews. I did watch my portions and stopped when I was done instead of worrying about that clean plate club.

This past week has been a bit rough, too. But for the most part I was on plan. We were still on overtime Monday and Tuesday and that takes its toll on me - I worked over 13 hours on Tuesday. So I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of changes because when I'm tired and frustrated I retain water. When I am not moving for long stretches of time, my ankles start looking like softballs, poor things. But I am most definitely not complaining because I am still seeing progress:

Was it "only" 1 pound? Yup. But look at those hips - down 5 inches. That's a lot!! And in my blue jeans, it shows. They don't fit right there anymore and chafe a wee bit. My abdomen, which is measured at the belly button - 3-1/2 inches. And I know that this is not an all-or-nothing thing - I am not always going to lose weight. But I am healthier, and I can feel it. For the first time all winter, I got a sinus infection. That comes from eating healthier, people. I feel more confident, too. Of course, this might have helped in that area: I tried on a dress a couple of weeks ago and while Casey and the store attendant both said it looked great, I still wasn't sure. Three teenage girls came in and all three squee'd and said how fantastic/gorgeous/wonderful it looked on me. On me. And you know those teenage girls aren't going to lie! hehe (And yes, the dress came home and when the weather is appropriate it will get worn!) Those are all things that will help me along this path.

The air fryer is definitely getting used. Chicken, just plain with seasonings, no breading, comes out super moist in that thing. Fish last night, again, fantastic. And today I got up the gumption to experiment a bit!

Spinach pizza crust from Profile by Sanford here - spinach, grated Parmesan, an egg - we were out of basil so I added garlic salt (fresh ground) and some oregano instead. I put it in the air fryer for 15 minutes at 400. I was a bit concerned when I took it out as it looked almost over-cooked. But I flipped it over and it was not done on that side. I added a bit of marinara sauce and some shredded cheese and put it back in for 5 minutes at 350 (all temps Fahrenheit). SUPER good. I'll definitely be making more of these - time to prep onions, mushrooms, and other toppings! It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, almost like a bread crust would have been! I couldn't taste the spinach hardly at all, either.

This week is back to regular time at work and I'm hoping for some walks after work as the weather is looking to be pretty doggone nice! We got some tint for the windows of the Skoolie yesterday and that's on this week's agenda. Once the tint is up we can focus on final layout and get started framing. Progress!!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 7 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from February 15 through 21, 2017.

So, last Friday we also ate out and not in a healthy way. We went to a restaurant that sells pizza puffs - and I had really been craving pizza. I got a 3-pack, Casey got a 6-pack. Turns out, these things are huge. Like baseball-sized. And not as good as I had hoped. They were good, but I doubt I'll have them again. More overtime at work means no extra time for exercise but I am walking around the building a bit more and building up my steps on my FitBit so that's small steps (pun intended!). The problem with going to the gym after work is I'm mentally exhausted and just plain don't want to do anything other than go home and rest. That's a block I'll need to learn to work around because I know, too, that exercising will kick the brain back into gear as well. And come spring, we'll have the bicycles ready to go and hopefully a hitch on the SUV so we can take them with.

We did have pizza Tuesday night from a popular take and bake place. I had a large salad and 1 piece - which we had gotten the thin crust and had them add zucchini and spinach. I was pleased with that and it gave him plenty of leftovers for Wednesday! We have been making use of the air fryer - chicken, tater tots for him and veggie tots for me, steak, and it's all turned out delicious so far! One of my goals is to find the spinach pizza crust recipe and try that in the mini baking pan that comes as an accessory.

So, without further ado:

I am pretty tickled with that, to say the least! And for some non-scale victories - the blue pair of jeans that I couldn't zip at the beginning of the year now require me nearly constantly hitching them up as I'm walking and the black pair that I couldn't even get on at the beginning of the year are now comfortable enough to not require changing out of them when I get home. The flannel shirt Casey gave me for Christmas that wouldn't button now buttons with the exception of around my hips (which, given it's a men's shirt, that's not at all surprising). Most of the time, stairs are not a problem anymore, too. Small things adding up to big things!!

On the Skoolie side - we got our tub this past weekend - a 40-gallon livestock tub:

Our plan is to frame around it so we can add insulation as well. At the Restore store we also got five 12-inch square vinyl tiles with a rose in the center and we'll frame those in for decoration. We're still on the lookout for countertop - it seems that all we can find in the Restore stores is precut for a sink, understandably. Unfortunately, it's for a double-sink and we've got a single-sink. But the right one will come along - even if we end up building one!

So, until next time,

Enjoy life!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weeks 5 and 6 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from February 1 through 7, 2017 and February 8 through 14, 2017.

So last weekend just flew by. Saturday the 11th we went in to town and met with my brother and nephews for lunch at Qdoba and then we walked around the Sport Show at the Civic Center. Fishing boats that cost more than either of my 2 houses I tried to buy several years ago!! And RV and campers, oh my! But the amazing thing was that for all their fluff and pomp and circumstance - not one of them felt as comfortable as our trusty Skoolie. Part of that was, of course, that they're very top-heavy and more prone to rollovers than a school bus - but a lot of it was the doors. I realize I'm not a small person - but here's the thing: I never will be. My nephews fit through the doors, but my brother and boyfriend, both over 6 feet tall with a solid build, couldn't walk through the interior doors easily. These things didn't feel very open and welcoming, even for all that they were emulating a home - some even had islands in the kitchens!! But it was an enjoyable day! We stopped at Celtic Connections downtown - super nice lady if you're ever in the Rapid City, SD area!

Sunday the 12th I had agreed to work 5 hours overtime - we are no longer able to be in the building without a manager present so this was scheduled from 10am-3pm by the supervisor coming in. Having only 1 vehicle, that meant I dropped Casey off at work at 6 (they open an hour later on Sundays), washed the car, sat in the parking lot, and at 7 when they opened went inside and got a hot tea and sat and read until 9:30. Slowly made my way over to work, arriving at 9:50 to an empty parking lot. And I waited. And waited. And waited. At 10:20 I left and ran errands. When I got in on Monday I sent an email to my supervisor just asking that this not reflect poorly on me - because it turns out no one else showed up until 10:30 - including the supervisor who said they'd be there at 10. The main frustration was I spent an entire day in town for nothing because the few things we needed Casey could have easily picked up after work and I could have been at home working on things for the Skoolie, and general household stuff, like filling the wood closet, and all the little things that, when piled up, become big things. So a minor frustration, but we made it work.

So, last week's numbers, then, from the 1st through the 7th:

Super pleased - especially since I had one less day due to the week before having to wait until Thursday to weigh in!

This past week was an even bigger challenge: Valentine's Day! I had taken the day off to spend a day with Casey, not realizing it was Valentine's Day until after the fact. We went to Sturgis to meet with a friend of mine for lunch and at at Jambonz. Holy moly was it good food! I had a shrimp salad with a tangy vinaigrette that made my face pucker! haha It was a nice visit with my friend, and definitely one we need to do more often. Then Casey & I went up to Deadwood - we wanted to check out an antique shop. We stopped at a different one first, and I happened to think it'd be neat for Casey to see my brother's office in Lead - it's in the old Homestake Gold Mine. I was able to reach him and we had a nice tour. He has some pretty fun coworkers, too. That still left us enough time to stop at the antique shop we originally planned on - and wow, is that one packed full of stuff too! We enjoyed browsing through both of them and will definitely go back! However, at this point it was 5:00. An hour drive home then generally an hour for supper to get thrown together. And poor Casey - he'd gotten a whiff of the peach cobbler at Jambonz as they were taking it out of the oven and it had been on his taste buds all, after a stop at Chubby Chipmunk for truffles from the vending machine, we drove back to Sturgis and had supper at Jambonz. Where I was definitely not so well controlled. I ordered a fried catfish poor boy with sweet potato fries - he ordered a fried crawfish poor boy with sweet potato fries - and we swapped half our sandwiches. They were really good - very well done with almost no grease on the fish. I didn't eat all the bread, and only a few of the sweet potato fries - but we had gone back for the dessert and dessert we had. Their peach cobbler is a huge serving alongside ice cream - and I had a piece of chocolate fudge cake. It wasn't a very large piece, but it sure didn't need to be. It was quite decadent and overall the day was well worth going off plan for a day. The numbers showed it the next day, though:

Yep - that's right. I'm up nearly 2 pounds - but still down an inch overall. Now, I'm not a bit upset over this for several reasons. One, I had read a lot on the Facebook group and with Optifast users that week 5 generally shows a gain for no reason whatsoever. Plus, I knew as I was enjoying that wonderful food at Jambonz, that I was making a choice to have a treat and that there would be consequences for that. But my coach and I had discussed treating myself now and again (as we had been talking about Popeyes chicken - yum!!) and that I was at a point in the program where it would be okay if I was comfortable with it. Plus, there's still that inch of loss in there and - probably most telling - my jeans that I couldn't zip up at the 1st of the year are now having to be pulled up constantly. (Had I known we were planning a taco party as a farewell/birthday party for one of my favorite coworkers Friday....but that's for next week!!)

We do have a game plan for this week for getting me to the gym while still doing overtime during the week - we have weekend plans and so I have to do my 5 hours during the regular week. Casey - bless him - is willing to wait around yet another hour (mind you, he's scheduled off at 1-1:30 and I don't get there until close to 3:30!) so I can go to the gym after work. We'll have to figure up some quick and easy supper recipes but I'm pretty happy with this. So either I'll be at the gym after work or doing a workout at home - working up to 150 minutes a week.

Wednesday night my friend and I went to Canvas 2 Paint and did "Release the Krakken." It was a lot of fun and I anticipate doing several more!

I think the neatest part is how we all follow the same directions, using the same paints (mostly - some people changed up their colors) and came out with such unique and great paintings!!

We ordered a Power XL Air Fryer last week, too, and it arrived Friday. Last night we made meatballs in it that turned out great! I'm looking forward to sharing those experiences as well!

So, until next time -



Sunday, February 05, 2017

Week 4 Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from January 25-31, 2017.

Wow. One month gone already! 2017 is zooming by! I got the go ahead and start exercising and now that the overtime is done for a few weeks I'll be very happy to get back to the gym. My gym of choice is Planet Fitness. It's affordable, has what I need, and is quite handy right now. That may change down the road when we move, but we'll see. My intent is to do 20 minutes each weekday morning on the treadmill and then 3 evenings a week do a light circuit training DVD I have from a DK book, simply titled "15 Minute Total Body Workout (+DVD)." I was looking for something effective but didn't use a lot of tools/space since we'll be moving to the motorhome this year some time. This looks like it will fit the bill - especially with the layout we've got in mind right now.

This month was massively busy in our department and we knew we would not leave before they turned the systems off at 9. Well, still having to get up at 3:10 the next morning, that meant driving home and back again would only get us about 4-1/2 hours of sleep, not to mention either of us driving at that point would have been awake for 18 hours. Not a safe situation. So we opted to stay in town and, even with the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo in town, managed to get a room. We stayed at the Foothills Inn and will likely stay there again. Much nicer room than at the Sleep Inn - it even had 2 easy chairs!! However, that meant putting off my weigh in until Thursday instead of Wednesday. That plus the stress of end of month, I wasn't anticipating much loss on the scale this week. We still did my measurements Wednesday night since we were at home, though.

For fun:

I am quite tickled with the results I'm seeing! (Oops - the top one is to show I've lost as much as a sperm whale's brain! I'll have to work on that!)

My aunt and uncle were in town this week and she was intrigued by the program. I suspect she'll look into it a bit when they get home from their journeying with my father. Dad had asked when results would be seen a couple weeks ago and I said I'd lost 14 pounds at that point but because he sees my daily, he probably won't see a difference until he returns from Arizona. I did have a coworker say it looks like I'm melting away, which was nice.

Vegetables are a challenge - but with Dad gone for a few weeks we'll be able to experiment more and then when we know we have some good recipes, he can try them. I did try the broccoli tots last night - instead of turning on the oven for my few tots, we put a bit of olive oil in a pan, when it was heated, added the tots and some seasoning, then finished them off in the microwave (because everyone was waiting on me and Casey hadn't had a chance to grab more veggies yesterday) - not too bad!!

NSVs this week - the blue pair of jeans are comfy and the black pair fit!! They get a bit tight in the waist band by the end of the day but it's the first time in a long time I've had 2 pairs of pants to alternate during the work week! I think on this upcoming Wednesday, a TShirt day at work, I'll even be able to wear a Minion tshirt that was too snug when I bought it in December. So, on the cliffhanger of will she or won't she....

Until next week!