Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weeks 11 & 12 Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from March 15 through March 21, and March 22 through March 28,2017. I am starting to get discombobulated a bit so while the weight/measurements run those weeks, what I write about may not. :-)

So last weekend was super busy with overtime on Saturday and walking around the Home Show with Dad and Casey. Sunday Dad and I were going to work on his computer as he is learning how to use it - but we got distracted by some really good shows on TV!! I never made it to the computer room - oops!!

Here's last week's numbers:

Not a lot of progress, but progress is still progress.

And this week's numbers:

Those inches are interesting, aren't they? Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes no change. I talked to my Profile by Sanford coach today about that and agree that it's most likely due to restructuring going on. Our bodies do things their own way, and I doubt we'll ever really fully understand how they work! But I was still pretty tickled with my progress because last Saturday I went to Lane Bryant to look for a good-fitting strapless bra, very hard to find right now!! But I need it for this upcoming weekend sooo...I happened to come across an adorable pair of crop pants, white with tan stripes. Of course they don't have them in my size, just the size below! But the saleslady was so nice and helpful, she said try on the blue pair of the same style and if they fit I can order the striped pair online. Clever! So I tried on the blue pair and they fit, even a smidge loose. On a whim, I tried on the striped pair - and they came home with me! They're a smidge snug but by the time I'm wearing only crop pants and need to rotate the 3 pair I have, they'll be a great fit! Non-scale victory for the win!! Or would that be the loss...? Hehehe.

This blog post is a two-fer. We've got a very busy weekend coming up and I plan on being offline for most of it. Next week's weight/measurements may reflect this - there will be no following of plan this weekend - although I don't intend to make poor choices, either. I'm learning how much is enough and how much is too much as far as volume goes - and believe me, when I eat too much now I feel it and regret it! So I'm working on learning to control that. I also need to experiment with vegetables - broccoli and cauliflower are getting kind of old at work (and the last few things of frozen broccoli have been pretty gross, to boot!). I also need to incorporate exercise into my day - especially strength training. I enjoy strength training but there's a mental block because I remember how much I used to be able to do and keep comparing my current self to my old self. So hopefully the following weekend I'll have some updates there, too!

On that note:

And I do love my cheese!

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