Sunday, May 17, 2009

Relaxing day.

For something different, I had a relaxing day today. It sure felt nice. We watched "The Stand" (all 6 hours of it!) while I worked on a crocheted vest for my sister-in-law. Her birthday is in July and I actually am feeling confident I will get it done in time! It is really turning out nicely and I can't wait to see her reaction to it!

I also found my ankle support this past week. Funny how my ankle started acting up after I stopped using my WATP dvds. It really does say something about how our bodies are meant to move. It also doesn't help, I'm sure, that I am working more and using a foot pedal (to start/stop the dictations) and that movement/position isn't quite natural.

My goal this week is to start my WATP again, even just 1 mile in the mornings, and also do strength training each day. Focus on the little things again.

And so this will be short, since I need to clean my room!! LOL This week will be focusing on 30+ hours of working (I can do 25-28 fairly well, but man is that chair so not right!!), walking daily and then my son has an interview Thursday at the Humane Society. Also get to work on cleaning house. My brother and his family (have to hide that project!) and Dad are coming to spend a night on their way to MN on the 29th. It will be the first time my brother and family have spent more than a couple of hours here since we moved here in 03/2006. I want to make a good impression, even though I know they're using me as a "motel." LOL

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am pretty sure this will be the norm for awhile. I'm struggling to be successful working solely from home. I just wish I liked my home! :-) My spouse is recovering, had his followup today and is STILL not cleared to go back to work!! We go back on the 4th for another followup. He is allowed to do yard work, so he better get off his arse!! He does nothing but play on the computer all day or watch TV. OK, so he also cooks, but that's his daily chore. (Mine is laundry, my son's is dishes and litterboxes.)

We did talk on the 4th and I have told him that as soon as he is working again we will be separating and moving towards divorce. It actually went a lot better than I thought it would. He knew I hadn't been happy for awhile and figured it was coming. Which is a relief. He has agreed that we can do this without lawyers, which is also a relief. So now we're biding our time until he's cleared to go back to work.

I'm staying within 2-3 pounds of my current weight. I definitely need to get back on track with that and with exercise. Not to mention drinking my water. Walking is huge, since I'll be meeting so many of y'all in August!! :-)

The hardest part right now in everything is focusing. I have a hard time sitting at my desk to work because I bought a cheap chair. I'm so used to working the later shift at Premier Bankcard (which I left in July) that it's hard for me to go to sleep early. BUT I get up at 5:15 with my son and taking a nap after he gets on the bus at 6:30 really throws me off. I know what I need to do to change these habits, but knowing and doing aren't coming together very well for me! LOL

Baby steps baby steps baby steps. :-)

I hope all is well with everyone and I will try to get better about posting again!!