Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weeks 5 and 6 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from February 1 through 7, 2017 and February 8 through 14, 2017.

So last weekend just flew by. Saturday the 11th we went in to town and met with my brother and nephews for lunch at Qdoba and then we walked around the Sport Show at the Civic Center. Fishing boats that cost more than either of my 2 houses I tried to buy several years ago!! And RV and campers, oh my! But the amazing thing was that for all their fluff and pomp and circumstance - not one of them felt as comfortable as our trusty Skoolie. Part of that was, of course, that they're very top-heavy and more prone to rollovers than a school bus - but a lot of it was the doors. I realize I'm not a small person - but here's the thing: I never will be. My nephews fit through the doors, but my brother and boyfriend, both over 6 feet tall with a solid build, couldn't walk through the interior doors easily. These things didn't feel very open and welcoming, even for all that they were emulating a home - some even had islands in the kitchens!! But it was an enjoyable day! We stopped at Celtic Connections downtown - super nice lady if you're ever in the Rapid City, SD area!

Sunday the 12th I had agreed to work 5 hours overtime - we are no longer able to be in the building without a manager present so this was scheduled from 10am-3pm by the supervisor coming in. Having only 1 vehicle, that meant I dropped Casey off at work at 6 (they open an hour later on Sundays), washed the car, sat in the parking lot, and at 7 when they opened went inside and got a hot tea and sat and read until 9:30. Slowly made my way over to work, arriving at 9:50 to an empty parking lot. And I waited. And waited. And waited. At 10:20 I left and ran errands. When I got in on Monday I sent an email to my supervisor just asking that this not reflect poorly on me - because it turns out no one else showed up until 10:30 - including the supervisor who said they'd be there at 10. The main frustration was I spent an entire day in town for nothing because the few things we needed Casey could have easily picked up after work and I could have been at home working on things for the Skoolie, and general household stuff, like filling the wood closet, and all the little things that, when piled up, become big things. So a minor frustration, but we made it work.

So, last week's numbers, then, from the 1st through the 7th:

Super pleased - especially since I had one less day due to the week before having to wait until Thursday to weigh in!

This past week was an even bigger challenge: Valentine's Day! I had taken the day off to spend a day with Casey, not realizing it was Valentine's Day until after the fact. We went to Sturgis to meet with a friend of mine for lunch and at at Jambonz. Holy moly was it good food! I had a shrimp salad with a tangy vinaigrette that made my face pucker! haha It was a nice visit with my friend, and definitely one we need to do more often. Then Casey & I went up to Deadwood - we wanted to check out an antique shop. We stopped at a different one first, and I happened to think it'd be neat for Casey to see my brother's office in Lead - it's in the old Homestake Gold Mine. I was able to reach him and we had a nice tour. He has some pretty fun coworkers, too. That still left us enough time to stop at the antique shop we originally planned on - and wow, is that one packed full of stuff too! We enjoyed browsing through both of them and will definitely go back! However, at this point it was 5:00. An hour drive home then generally an hour for supper to get thrown together. And poor Casey - he'd gotten a whiff of the peach cobbler at Jambonz as they were taking it out of the oven and it had been on his taste buds all, after a stop at Chubby Chipmunk for truffles from the vending machine, we drove back to Sturgis and had supper at Jambonz. Where I was definitely not so well controlled. I ordered a fried catfish poor boy with sweet potato fries - he ordered a fried crawfish poor boy with sweet potato fries - and we swapped half our sandwiches. They were really good - very well done with almost no grease on the fish. I didn't eat all the bread, and only a few of the sweet potato fries - but we had gone back for the dessert and dessert we had. Their peach cobbler is a huge serving alongside ice cream - and I had a piece of chocolate fudge cake. It wasn't a very large piece, but it sure didn't need to be. It was quite decadent and overall the day was well worth going off plan for a day. The numbers showed it the next day, though:

Yep - that's right. I'm up nearly 2 pounds - but still down an inch overall. Now, I'm not a bit upset over this for several reasons. One, I had read a lot on the Facebook group and with Optifast users that week 5 generally shows a gain for no reason whatsoever. Plus, I knew as I was enjoying that wonderful food at Jambonz, that I was making a choice to have a treat and that there would be consequences for that. But my coach and I had discussed treating myself now and again (as we had been talking about Popeyes chicken - yum!!) and that I was at a point in the program where it would be okay if I was comfortable with it. Plus, there's still that inch of loss in there and - probably most telling - my jeans that I couldn't zip up at the 1st of the year are now having to be pulled up constantly. (Had I known we were planning a taco party as a farewell/birthday party for one of my favorite coworkers Friday....but that's for next week!!)

We do have a game plan for this week for getting me to the gym while still doing overtime during the week - we have weekend plans and so I have to do my 5 hours during the regular week. Casey - bless him - is willing to wait around yet another hour (mind you, he's scheduled off at 1-1:30 and I don't get there until close to 3:30!) so I can go to the gym after work. We'll have to figure up some quick and easy supper recipes but I'm pretty happy with this. So either I'll be at the gym after work or doing a workout at home - working up to 150 minutes a week.

Wednesday night my friend and I went to Canvas 2 Paint and did "Release the Krakken." It was a lot of fun and I anticipate doing several more!

I think the neatest part is how we all follow the same directions, using the same paints (mostly - some people changed up their colors) and came out with such unique and great paintings!!

We ordered a Power XL Air Fryer last week, too, and it arrived Friday. Last night we made meatballs in it that turned out great! I'm looking forward to sharing those experiences as well!

So, until next time -



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