Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 7 on Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from February 15 through 21, 2017.

So, last Friday we also ate out and not in a healthy way. We went to a restaurant that sells pizza puffs - and I had really been craving pizza. I got a 3-pack, Casey got a 6-pack. Turns out, these things are huge. Like baseball-sized. And not as good as I had hoped. They were good, but I doubt I'll have them again. More overtime at work means no extra time for exercise but I am walking around the building a bit more and building up my steps on my FitBit so that's small steps (pun intended!). The problem with going to the gym after work is I'm mentally exhausted and just plain don't want to do anything other than go home and rest. That's a block I'll need to learn to work around because I know, too, that exercising will kick the brain back into gear as well. And come spring, we'll have the bicycles ready to go and hopefully a hitch on the SUV so we can take them with.

We did have pizza Tuesday night from a popular take and bake place. I had a large salad and 1 piece - which we had gotten the thin crust and had them add zucchini and spinach. I was pleased with that and it gave him plenty of leftovers for Wednesday! We have been making use of the air fryer - chicken, tater tots for him and veggie tots for me, steak, and it's all turned out delicious so far! One of my goals is to find the spinach pizza crust recipe and try that in the mini baking pan that comes as an accessory.

So, without further ado:

I am pretty tickled with that, to say the least! And for some non-scale victories - the blue pair of jeans that I couldn't zip at the beginning of the year now require me nearly constantly hitching them up as I'm walking and the black pair that I couldn't even get on at the beginning of the year are now comfortable enough to not require changing out of them when I get home. The flannel shirt Casey gave me for Christmas that wouldn't button now buttons with the exception of around my hips (which, given it's a men's shirt, that's not at all surprising). Most of the time, stairs are not a problem anymore, too. Small things adding up to big things!!

On the Skoolie side - we got our tub this past weekend - a 40-gallon livestock tub:

Our plan is to frame around it so we can add insulation as well. At the Restore store we also got five 12-inch square vinyl tiles with a rose in the center and we'll frame those in for decoration. We're still on the lookout for countertop - it seems that all we can find in the Restore stores is precut for a sink, understandably. Unfortunately, it's for a double-sink and we've got a single-sink. But the right one will come along - even if we end up building one!

So, until next time,

Enjoy life!


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