Sunday, February 05, 2017

Week 4 Profile by Sanford

Again, my Profile weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday, since I started on a Wednesday. So this is from January 25-31, 2017.

Wow. One month gone already! 2017 is zooming by! I got the go ahead and start exercising and now that the overtime is done for a few weeks I'll be very happy to get back to the gym. My gym of choice is Planet Fitness. It's affordable, has what I need, and is quite handy right now. That may change down the road when we move, but we'll see. My intent is to do 20 minutes each weekday morning on the treadmill and then 3 evenings a week do a light circuit training DVD I have from a DK book, simply titled "15 Minute Total Body Workout (+DVD)." I was looking for something effective but didn't use a lot of tools/space since we'll be moving to the motorhome this year some time. This looks like it will fit the bill - especially with the layout we've got in mind right now.

This month was massively busy in our department and we knew we would not leave before they turned the systems off at 9. Well, still having to get up at 3:10 the next morning, that meant driving home and back again would only get us about 4-1/2 hours of sleep, not to mention either of us driving at that point would have been awake for 18 hours. Not a safe situation. So we opted to stay in town and, even with the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo in town, managed to get a room. We stayed at the Foothills Inn and will likely stay there again. Much nicer room than at the Sleep Inn - it even had 2 easy chairs!! However, that meant putting off my weigh in until Thursday instead of Wednesday. That plus the stress of end of month, I wasn't anticipating much loss on the scale this week. We still did my measurements Wednesday night since we were at home, though.

For fun:

I am quite tickled with the results I'm seeing! (Oops - the top one is to show I've lost as much as a sperm whale's brain! I'll have to work on that!)

My aunt and uncle were in town this week and she was intrigued by the program. I suspect she'll look into it a bit when they get home from their journeying with my father. Dad had asked when results would be seen a couple weeks ago and I said I'd lost 14 pounds at that point but because he sees my daily, he probably won't see a difference until he returns from Arizona. I did have a coworker say it looks like I'm melting away, which was nice.

Vegetables are a challenge - but with Dad gone for a few weeks we'll be able to experiment more and then when we know we have some good recipes, he can try them. I did try the broccoli tots last night - instead of turning on the oven for my few tots, we put a bit of olive oil in a pan, when it was heated, added the tots and some seasoning, then finished them off in the microwave (because everyone was waiting on me and Casey hadn't had a chance to grab more veggies yesterday) - not too bad!!

NSVs this week - the blue pair of jeans are comfy and the black pair fit!! They get a bit tight in the waist band by the end of the day but it's the first time in a long time I've had 2 pairs of pants to alternate during the work week! I think on this upcoming Wednesday, a TShirt day at work, I'll even be able to wear a Minion tshirt that was too snug when I bought it in December. So, on the cliffhanger of will she or won't she....

Until next week!

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