Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Sunday!!

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday. I decided to do a little work, and what I thought was a short dictation was actually 28 minutes long and took me almost 2 hours to complete. Yikes! By the end I was telling the doc to stop repeating himself. I am pretty sure the last 5 minutes were just "the patient and his wife know they can return to the emergency department at any time if the symptoms return, if the symptoms worsen, or if new problems arise." He would say something else, and that line again. Uff-da. emoticon It net me almost $20 for that one report though, so I am not going to complain....much!! lol

After that I put up a new mailbox. Apparently a tree branch fell on ours while my son and I were in the Hills. It had gotten to the point where the mailman couldn't close it anymore. My spousal unit has not noticed yet. No surprise there, since he doesn't notice that all the towels were removed around the house and washed, and he had to get a new one for him to use in the shower. He uses mine instead. I'm sorry, but I find it gross to dry my face with the towel someone else used on their butt. emoticon

Still no "no" from my (hopeful) new job. I don't want to jinx, it though. I did get a letter from Experian that they did send them a credit report. And what was sent doesn't look overly bad, actually. Of course, of the 5 things, 3 are from when spousal unit and I had a joint checking account and he decided to do a check loan thing. I take that back...2 are. One is his hospital bill. The other 2 are my bankruptcy and then a small claim from 2002 that I know I paid off before I bought my old house. We'll see what happens. That is one thing I *hate* about being married...I can do everything right and *still* not be able to get a loan because *he* defaults on stuff without telling me!! could be worse. I have a friend who's daughter is going through a nightmare thanks to incompetent daughters. Many hugs and prayers going her way!!!! I am grateful that I am healthy and that my son is healthy.

Speaking of, he is thrilled with his school schedule. He will be taking Video Production 1 and 2 this year. He's already got some crazy ideas thought up!! Curse you, Mythbusters, curse you!! emoticon They will be learning to work with a green screen, and I can't wait to see what he is able to do. He took some hard classes this year: Personal Finance, World of Economics, and Intro to Business. But he sounds very enthusiastic about all of them, which is good.

Our puppy goes to his new home tomorrow. We will miss him, but I think he will greatly enjoy it. 7 acres and horses to play with. emoticon It will be nice and quiet at night, though.

I found a wonderful pattern at Simplicity....and it was already out of print!! I need professional clothing at my new job and I am severely lacking in the shirt department. I have lots of material hanging out, ready to be put to work. Thankfully, I found the pattern on eBay and should have it in a week or so. The pattern number is 4164 if you get a chance to check it out.

This week I will be sewing with the patterns and material I do have, as well as cleaning house. Dad is coming to visit for Labor Day weekend, plus my in-laws will be here for Labor Day itself. So cobwebs beware...I'm coming after *you*!! I will also fit as much MT work in as I can. I am pretty sure of which contract I will have to give up, but we'll see. I may be able to keep them both, too. A lot of work, but that's okay.

On that note...I better go finish up the laundry and get things put away!! Thanks for reading, have a Blessed day!!


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