Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beautiful Wednesday

It's another beautiful day here. I feel kinda like Garfield there, though. Not a lot of gumption.

I received 4 boxes of Harlequin romances today off Freecycle. I sorted through and found 1 box that I would keep (some of which is actually Reader's Digest Condensed Books) and then the rest I will re-list. I'm actually searching for 1 book in particular, "One Thousand Roses" or "A Thousand Roses" or something along those lines. I just really enjoyed that book. I'm also looking for "Silken Web." I'll enjoy these, though, I'm sure. Have to get my romance somehow. emoticon

The rest of the afternoon I will spend working. I am rapidly finding out that 20 minutes sitting in an office chair at the store is nothing compared to spending hours in it at home. emoticon Unfortunately, the one I really wanted (and should have gotten!) is no longer offered at the one store I know used to carry it. So I work in short bursts, and then move back to the living room for awhile.

I did find a yarn that is close to the yarn I was using for a teddy bear for a friend. Hopefully she won't pick on me too much. emoticon Thankfully, she's a knitter (I crochet) and so she knows that sometimes the yarn doesn't last as long as it should and you can't find a match again (even in the same brand and type!!). I should be able to finish it up this weekend.

I just read "The Old Man and the Sea" today for the first time. I enjoyed it. I'm not 100% sure I understand it, but I enjoyed it. Tomorrow I pick up the last 3 books by Stephanie Meyer and will read those through the weekend. A friend was nice enough to loan all 4 to me, but she only had 1 done when we were visiting in the Hills. emoticon

No plans for the rest of the week, just work and get through it. emoticon


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