Thursday, June 25, 2009

Warm Walk

Well, this morning was definitely a bit warmer for walking. As much as I hate wearing shorts and tank tops in public, I may start doing so on my morning walks. Capris and t-shirt were just too warm this morning. lol I got stood up by my walking partner but still walked 2 miles. They'll hear about it. hehe

There was a little lady who apparently had a bad experience with dogs because she veers way to one side when we meet. I do keep Dusty close and short-leashed when we go near people, but she still did that. She apologized, which she certainly didn't need to do. At least she's friendly about it. :-) There is also an elderly gentleman who I've met the last couple times who always has a smile and a hello. That makes it fun.

This time there were people with dogs, too. One had a dachshund and they picked it up and carried it past us. Again, my dog was short-leashed and on the opposite side of my body. Ah well. The other one was a terrier of some sort, very cute. Dusty wanted to play but this time I moved off the sidewalk on to the grass and let them walk past. They were very nice about it, and laughed when I said she wants to play she just forgets she's bigger than the other dogs are.

On both rounds of the lake I let Dusty jump in the water when we could. She loved that. She's really enjoying these walks too!

We had a long day in Sioux Falls yesterday. Well, just the day was long, but it was because we had to go there. Out of the house by 630 as he had an appointment at 9. Those ran until about 11. Then we met with his mother, sister and niece for lunch at Valentino's. Then his sister asked if we wanted to stay for our niece's t-ball game at 630. I said no because we had to get up early this morning (my son and I). I'm really glad since it looks like the worst of the storms were along what would have been the route we'd taken at that time! Not that hearing the weatherman say "If you live in (my town) you need to be in the basement now" was a lot better. Tornadoes freak me out. But we got all the critters down to the basement safely and hung out for awhile.

But all is well that ends well. We're all safe and we're a bit better prepared for next time (of which I hope there is not one! LOL).


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