Sunday, June 21, 2009

Country Walk

So today I took my doggy for a 2-mile walk along the country road today. And I was HOT afterwards. *whew* I also wanted to call a friend and didn't want the spousal unit to eavesdrop. It irritates the frack out of me. I don't listen in on HIS conversations. I try very hard to "mute" them. He ACTIVELY listens. Grrrrr.

We got to the edge of town where I normally let Dusty off her lead, and someone else was walking their dog. Without a leash. And it was one of those dogs Dusty just didn't care for. But the guy/kid (late teens early 20s maybe?) was really apologetic though. And soon I was able to let her off to run. We really enjoyed ourselves. Coming back we did start to get really warm (forgot the water bottle!) and so we stopped in the shade often. And once in the sun we stopped because I wanted to listen to the froggies singing. I think I need to get a froggy CD to listen to in the winter time.

And this friend that I called is willing to walk with me when I'm in town! So on days I drop my son off, my spousal unit off, or both off. Yay! And I might even grab shorts to wade in the lake afterwards to cool off a bit. And/or a book to read afterwards in the gazebo. It will be nice to have a local friend. I love my internet friends, I really really do (Vicky, that means you!!). Sometimes, I just need a hug. What can I say? :-) (And I know I will get hugs from Vicky when we meet!)


We just won't mention all the other crud going on. :-)

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