Sunday, June 07, 2009

It IS June, isn't it??

It's June. And it's 55 degrees out. Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to turn the heat back on, so we've been dressing warmly and using blankets. Although I did turn the heater on then van when I took my son to work yesterday and Thursday. Friday we went to town because spousal unit had to get 2 job contacts for the week because he was finally cleared by the doc to go back to work and so he filed for unemployment right away (with no prompting...that has to be a miracle!). We ended up spending all day in town because 1 contact wasn't to be in until after 4 pm. Well, turns out they weren't in anyway. *sigh* Another day wasted.

In fact, this entire week has felt like a waste. Because of the interviews, I didn't work. I didn't want to be in the middle of a report when they called. Although I know I could have worked after they set up the time for the call, I just had no gumption. The client for the company I contract for sends out emails daily. All day. Begging for help. Quite a few of us in the Yahoo group feel that we really can't be bothered to work if they can't bother to pay. For sure we won't work more than when we offered to since, as independent contractors, they cannot dictate to us when we work. If they start doing that then we start falling into employee category. We did give them rough ideas of when we would be able to work, but we are not required to stick to that nor are we required to log in at all if we don't feel like it.

I will get back on track this week. I'm still searching for something else and will probably stop at Department of Labor to apply for a few jobs as well. At the very least I will need to ensure I can make the house payment on time. It will mean some adjusting for my son, in that he may have to walk in to the park or someplace to wait until I get off work. It depends on what I find, I suppose. In the meantime, my son is going to church camp and so it will be very quiet. The 14th-24th spousal unit will be in Sioux Falls for follow up doctor appointments (with no insurance anymore) and so we will have a very nice break from him. He will also look for jobs down there. He kind of mentioned that to his mother and said it was because of a lack of opportunities around here. He has yet to tell them we're separating and divorcing. *sigh* But honesty is such a good policy, right?

I have had issues with my hands again. The skin has dried out again and cracked a bit on the knuckle of my right pinky finger. I am so done with cold. lol I'm sure the cold water has nothing to do with it too, right? lol Hopefully that clears up.

My son is enjoying his job. And he's really testing my ability to say no! LOL One sad thing, though, is that a cat we did give up in 2007 is there again. Last year she showed up here at the house! after a year. She traveled 20+ miles to find us. It was heartwrenching to take her back to the Humane Society, but she was pregnant, had some facial injuries, and we just couldn't keep her. She's the sister to Fuzzy and Wuzzy. We had named her Runty because she was the smallest of the three. And now she's in the shelter again, pregnant again. That means 2 people have adopted her and NOT gotten her fixed. This may be the exception. I may have to bring her home and hope everyone gets along (the other 4 cats picked on her all the time). It breaks my heart to hear she's back, but I can't exactly provide her a good home either. *sigh*

I do have a general transcription contract that pays twice a month, on a net 30. Which means for the 1-15th of June I get a check in the mail July 15th. And I know they are good about it. I've contracted with them before. As much as I love MT work, I may have to branch out a bit.

Sooo....I think I'm going to find a way to make brownies in the microwave lol and work up a schedule for work and stick to it.

Or at least try. Self-motivation is pretty hard to come by these days. *smile*


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