Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another beautiful day!

It's another beautiful day so far. It's still at 74 which is very ideal for me. Muggy as all get out, though!

I developed blisters Sunday so I bandaged the big one today and walked about a mile and a half around the lake. Not as quiet as normal. A water main had broken overnight and they were working on it. My doggy was so silly...she was torn between cringing away from the equipment and its noise and going "Oh look! A water puddle!" lol The redwinged blackbird was there again too. I did take a break and sit under a shelter with my walking partner. My left shin isn't too happy about this walking! While we were sitting there a pheasant came over from one of the large yards and popped out of the ditch. He was a very handsome boy, I'm sure he had a harem somewhere!

The gophers were a little more rambunctious today and didn't hide as we walked by. Dusty tried to get them, but darn that leash anyway! lol She also tried pulling me in to the lake today! Silly girl. But she is really enjoying the walks which is great. And we have plans to go again on Thursday.

It's so nice to have someone to talk to locally, though. Or just to sit with. Just to remind me that I'm real and I'm human. Tonight I'll be calling Dad to beg for money. Otherwise I lose the internet/phone and electricity and water...not good. I can live without hot water, but not the rest. (Well, technically I can live without the phone/internet but I can make a little bit with the odd jobs on those so I hate to lose them.)

On that note...I better grab some lunch and get ready for my interview at 3. It's for a Pharmacy Technician job. I think I'll enjoy it...but first I have to make a good impression and get hired! It's the ONLY nibble I've had on 9 resumes I've sent out....*sigh*

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