Friday, June 12, 2009

Minor rant on job service listings.

Ok, this is rather frustrating. Since spousal unit has been released to work, he has been looking for jobs, of course. My frustration is companies that list openings they don't have.

Of 4 applications, 1 said in their listing "now taking for future openings." The other 3? You fill out the application, usually set up an appointment, drive there, and then they simply take the application and say "We don't have any openings right now but we'll keep your application on file." Then why bother? Why waste your time and ours? Not to mention the cost of driving 20 miles to town. Or simply add to the listing "now taking for future openings." That way the applicant knows in advance and can make the choice to apply for a future opening or not. Because they certainly aren't actually looking for a job or anything. They're just killing time filling out applications and driving around to drop them off.


And then spousal unit gets a call from one of the companies offering a job. But no guaranteed hours and they don't know what the wages will be but can he start tomorrow? AND HE TOOK IT.

For me, my contract is simply not being forthcoming on pay. He told another MT that this check would be for March and April, but only March got deposited. So I'm going to look at other options. I dropped off my resume for an office position at one place and an application for a data entry position at another. I'm going to call a former coworker from the hospital and see if she can get me in touch with a lady she knows who started her own transcription company. My son's wrist is still bothering him so I will set up an appointment for him next week and while we're there see if they have any work to be done, overflow transcription work. I also have a general transcription contract in place I'm just very unsure of my skills at that. But if I don't try I will never know. I may practice this week on a radio show that asks volunteers to transcribe the broadcasts and offer myself up as overflow this upcoming week. I just need to kick it in gear. :-)

I have the paperwork for a pro se divorce. I will also need to spend some time going over that so I can fill it out and we can go over the finer points. I will be glad when that part of my life is over and I can move on.

My son is home from Byron Bible Camp and he had a wonderful week. I'm very glad he enjoyed himself. And back to work for him tomorrow. :-)


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