Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am fed up with this stuff!!

Yes...they are so prettiful...but NOT when they are blowing around and I can't see where I am going!! lol So I left work today at 330 and I will make that up Saturday and take advantage of the liberal leave that was granted yesterday to take it off unpaid. Then I only need to make up 5 hours Saturday.

My cube-mate is in the process of having her baby...her water broke this morning, yay!! emoticon We started training together Sept. 2 and really clicked. I missed having her next to me today but I am so happy for her!!

I got a nice new floor mat that I tested tonight and it is really comfy on the carpet. Which is good, since tomorrow's challenge is a 15-minute ab workout!! Yikes!! emoticon I am going to give it my "abs"olute best shot! (Sorry...I didn't catch it until after I typed it, and that pun was just begging to be left...so there it is! lol) I gave up on that portable pilates studio for now. I am sure later on I will find another one (NOT from Danskin!!) that I will like and the DVD will work. It did come with a poster with diagrams, but I need to see how it is used in action. In time.

I was in my calorie range with 53 calories to spare...yikes!! I had NO IDEA my beloved Burger King cookies were 330 CALORIES!!! emoticon Time to find a much better alternative. They are yummy, but so not work almost the equivalent of a meals' worth of calories!! For lunch I had a Whopper Jr (I asked for no mayo, but they gave it to me anyway and I didn't realize it until I was at work since I was in the drive-thru), a side salad, the cookies, and diet coke. Not bad, and it will be better!!

So, since I have one heck of an ab workout tomorrow, I better get some sleep tonight!! emoticon


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