Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am so glad that, in theory, it is going to start warming up! Who would have thought that ZERO would feel good?? emoticon Thankfully it's going to warm up tomorrow so I can drive again. Apparently I have some moisture in my brakelines and it froze...locking the brakes so the back tires don't move. Not good!!

Our house is heated by baseboards on the first floor only. The upstairs is only heated by what rises. (Very efficient...not!) The thermostat is set at 68 and it is at 58 right now. Brrrrr. I must be going into "hibernation mode" as all I want to do is sleep. I ruined my streak by not exercising yesterday, not even for 10 minutes. No excuse, other than being too cold. Of course, exercise would have warmed me up, go figure.

I lost 0.8 pounds and 2" overall (had 2 measurements go up). I won't complain. Especially after watching "The Biggest Loser" and realizing that it is apparently (and unfortunately) a common occurrence. I feel better, I can see a difference, and that is what I will go with to keep me motivated this week.

Today's ToDo list consists of the office and my room. My husband and I sleep in separate rooms and mine is rather cluttered. My husband and son were nice enough last weekend to bring my dressers downstairs for me, so now I need to get stuff organized and put away. And move the little freezer to the laundry room. Then I will attack my office. Seriously declutter that place. I have 2 boxes which have things in them I haven't looked at in a year. I am thinking I am NOT needing that stuff and so OUT it will go. I don't know how much I will get done in my office, but I plan to get a good dent in it.

I finished my first knitting project this week! It's a cute little purse, will probably be used to hold a paperback book. Now I'm working on a scarf for my sister in law. A hooded scarf, actually. It will be knit (unless I keep making mistakes in which case it will be crocheted! lol) with a crocheted edging.

And so, in jeans, turtleneck, tshirt, and even gloves on! I am off to work on my room. My hope is to clean it up enough I can do my workouts in there instead of the living room. Wish me luck! lol


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