Monday, March 01, 2010

Beginning of March

I'm pretty sure there was a February in there somewhere....wasn't there?? Ah well.

I have a feeling I'm going to be very close to goal in May but I'm not going to quite hit it and so skydiving might have to be postponed. We'll see. I'll be amping up my walking this week a bit and adding some strength training again. Add in more snow removal (rather, ice removal!!) off the sidewalks and eating healthier and go from there.

I'm working a bit longer this week as my boss is out of the office. With any luck, the phones will be nice and quiet. hehe Most everyone knows she'll be out of the office and I'm still too new to know as much as they would like so I'm sure they'll call to test my patience and message-taking skills. ha! I'm also picking up more time doing my medical transcription work and looking for another part-time job. Busy busy, that's me. :-) Or that's what I need to do. But not so much so that I can't go fishing and camping this spring summer and fall. :-)

Otherwise nothing new on this front. I managed to get a sinus infection that settled in my lymph nodes instead of my sinuses and so the right side of my face is swollen and looks funny. lol So I'm on eyedrops and antibiotics and can't wear my contacts until it clears up. Bah!!

When will spring get here??

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