Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a week....

It is 748pm....he was scheduled off at 4pm....I was browsing through and this pretty much fit what I think he's doing.'s pheasant season. But still. A phone call would be nice. Heck, I'm not so demanding. I would settle for a text message. But this "nothing" shtuff? Is really getting old. To the point where I am seriously considering taking a 2nd job at McDonalds when they reopen so I can for sure afford to move out. I can pay all the bills but rent and groceries right now. Another $400-700 a month would cinch it. Would I have to eat crow? Of course. And that is very hard for me. For 16 years I've been priding myself on how well I've been able to take care of myself. Now I have to admit that I really screwed up and I need help fixing it. Pride goeth before a fall...and it's tottering now....emoticon

Soooo.....that has been heavy on my mind lately. Lately? More like continually. I won't file for anything until after Christmas, as I don't want Christmas to be about that. I want it to be about family. So sometime in January is when this will happen. Do I wish it could have lasted more than 3 years? Yeah....but if it isn't meant to be, then it isn't meant to be. And I look around this house and I just can't live like this anymore. My previous homes were cluttered, yes. But I could walk in and not smell what is probably rotting food, not see trash on the floor, not see clothes everywhere, and and and....

On a positive note...I'm still trying for those positives! LOL They have the computer issues at work ironed out, and to try to make up for that they are offering overtime. I've found I don't mind working 10 hours too much, so I will take advantage of that a little bit. I am off Tuesday, and I won't go in then. Well, unless the shop looks at my van and says it's something more than the alternator or battery. *sigh* If it's not one thing it's another with that thing...but it is what I have and I like it.

I am positive I will exercise at least 30 minutes 2 days this week. I did 1 day of 45 minutes last week. Not a lot, but better than nothing. I also picked up frozen veggies to repackage in 1/2 cup containers to have 1 each day. Again, not a lot, but it's a good place to start. I don't like canned veggies, and raw veggies tend to go bad this is a good compromise.

I am working on a crocheted afghan for my cousins for Christmas. It's a Victorian pattern, which I have always loved, but don't really fit in my house (at the moment!!). So this is a good excuse to make one!! lol We draw couples on Dad's side of the family which makes it nice. Between Dad's side and Mom's side of the families there are 20 kids. YIKES!!! Not including my immediate nephews and niece. But they're separate. emoticon

I am still enjoying my job. I'm not qualifying for an incentive, but I don't bank on that. It would be icing on the cake, ya know? But cake is just as good without it!! emoticon

My hands are already drying and cracking a bit. I picked up some gloves to wear at night in the lotion/spa section, and 3 body creams to try (I like creams better than lotions sometimes). I put those gloves on last night before going to bed, woke up with them gone!! I couldn't find them until I turned over the pillow...I had apparently put them inside the pillowcase so I wouldn't lose them!! emoticon But I did feel a difference this morning already, so that's good. I also put plastic over the inside windows of the living room windows which helped a lot since the plastic on the outside has blown off!! One more thing to worry weekend! hehehe

On that's about bedtime. I'm curious to see what the scale says. Stressful week means it probably went up. emoticon But what goes up must come down...right??


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