Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Monday


See that weight? May this be the last week I am at or above that weight. emoticon I am up and dressed for the treadmill or exercise bike. Of course, SU woke up this morning so it may be the exercise bike. Any other time he sleeps until I go back upstairs, especially on his day off. THIS morning...oh no...had to wake up. emoticon (Don't ask me why, but I am not comfortable exercising around him at all. I can go to a gym, I can exercise in front of friends, but not him.) And he's sniffling and horking (not coughing!) and just being gross hoping for sympathy for having a tiny cold. I'm sick for over a week and I get the "I'll let you sleep in on your day off now that you're feeling better" treatment.

Ah well. I best go hit the bike since it looks like he is settling in down here. emoticon Not quite how I wanted to start my day.

Positive: I'm starting it with yogurt and exercise!!! emoticon


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