Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Okay, so here goes for Day 1. I'm at work drinking the first smoothie, Sweet Berry shake. Now, it could be that the water isn't cold enough from the dispenser seeings as how even with ice in my water glass it isn't very cold, but at the moment the smoothie is leaving a bit to be desired. For my next one in a couple of hours, I'll add ice to it. The shakes can also be prepared as a pudding using less water so I may pre-prepare a couple and put in the fridge overnight.

They did call me Monday and reactivated my account and got the scale synced as well as set up my first appointment and did a quick plan review, so that made me happy. I forgot to ask about an invoice so I'll do that tomorrow. The nice part about this is that I can do the coaching over my lunch break which will hopefully make it easier to schedule.

Lunch is 1 cup of spinach/baby greens with Walden Farms Ranch dressing (calorie/sugar/fat/carb/gluten/cholesterol free-gosh, it almost makes me wonder if there's anything left!), 1/3 cup each tomatoes (golden tiny tomatoes!), sliced carrots, and sugar snap peas - so that's 2 of my 4 cups of vegetables. My fat is 3/4 oz cheese - 1 string cheese - and then we got honey infused balsamic vinegar so I'm making a caprese salad! The carrots and sugar snap peas are in with the salad.

I took it upon myself to get some pre-plan bloodwork done. Complete Metabolic Panel, lipids, A1c (blood sugars), and I think complete blood count. That was done yesterday and I should have those results today or tomorrow. My blood pressure was a little high - we're thinking part of it was the machine (the cuff was too tight on my upper arm and it took 2 tries for my wrist) and part of it was I was definitely feeling dehydrated. My doctor wants me to keep an eye on that given my family health history, so I'll either get a Profile by Sanford BP monitor that syncs or get a plain one and see if my coach can enter it manually. I'm hesitant to purchase PbS products because while I can use them without an active profile, it'd be nice to have something I can sync to my Sparkpeople account, for example. We shall see.

Here's to Day 1!


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