Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good's a good morning, really it is...

Never mind that my son has just came back in for the 3rd time to get something he forgot (and the bus is due any minute now). Never mind that I took an extra day off yesterday because of said son. Never mind that my SU (spousal unit) claims to be horking up snot because he has a cold (because it doesn't explain the same sounds and gross things when he doesn't have a cold!). It's a good morning.

I talked to my Dad while in the Hills, and he will do what he can to help me out. I have an interview at McDonalds for a 2nd job tomorrow morning. I am hoping that between the 2 jobs I can qualify for a mortgage through work. If not, I will have to see what Dad can do to help me out. It is nice to have his support and understanding of why I am leaving SU. That is a big relief in and of itself. The hard part will be making it through the holidays, pretending to be happy, until I am at a point where I can move out.

My son decided to cut class yesterday and leave campus (after I had revoked that privilege a month ago). I caught him with a friend as I was driving to work (I happen to work pretty much across the street from the school). I pulled him for the day, came home, and he pretty much sat at the dining room table for 3-1/2 hours working on homework. I have since hidden his new skateboarding shoes, cell phone, and brand new mp4 player he just got from me for his birthday this past weekend. Now I need to figure out how to disable the satellite TV so he can't watch TV either. My TV doesn't have a timer option and that is one thing I miss from my cable box. I could lock it so that it couldn't be used at all. I will end up taking an occurrence at work, since I can only make up 1/2 the hours missed.

We had a great visit in the Hills. My nephews are so adorable. The almost-3-year-old can clearly say the name of our president....Ohh-BA-ma! he says! emoticon The younger one, who just turned 1, is laughing and walking and gets into EVERYTHING. I brought an afghan to work on while visiting, and he really wanted that totebag!! We had a great time, though. It's sad that I won't get back to the Hills now until February, although we will all be going to MN for Christmas. Yes, SU included. I don't want to ruin the holidays or make an upcoming separation/divorce the center of attention.

Exercise and eating healthier still are not working so well. If anyone has suggestions for overcoming sheer exhaustion in the mornings to work out, I would love to hear them. I don't get to bed until almost 11, and am up at 530. Makes for long days...although if I do get this 2nd job, until I move into town I plan on getting a membership at the local gym so I can exercise there and use the shower. I refuse to go to work at my full-time job smelling like fast food. If only my SU would have the same courtesy for us. Just because it's a "restaurant" and not fast food doesn't mean he doesn't reek when he gets home.

Well, since I am going in early, that means I need to get ready early. Have a great day and thanks for reading!!


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