Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Great start to June!!

Yay!! I haven't been posting at any of my forums much...I am so sorry. With starting a new job (the call center I work for moved 60 miles away...not happening!!) and trying to land a medical transcription position/contract and trying to make ends meet....well, I've been busy. :-)

So right now, I work at a veterinary hospital as a kennel assistant. This is part time, 20 hours guaranteed with occasional weekend work. And the best part? Since I started on May 12, I have lost almost 4 pounds. Yay!! It is cleaning indoor and outdoor kennels, plus smaller cages, assisting the vets, and the nefarious "other duties as assigned." lol

My first MT contract is with a company in Phoenix. It is part time, although if I want more work and it's there, I am welcome to it. That is always good! I do have feelers out for other companies too, so we'll see what happens.

And I also will be contracting for a company doing outbound telephone surveys. Both this one and the MT are at-home positions. The nice thing about this one is it is hourly pay with a differential on weekends.

My goal is to start getting ahead to the point I can clear up my credit again, save up, and move. I like my house here, but I just can't afford the high utilities and the cost of driving to town every day. We'll see how it goes. :-)


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