Sunday, March 30, 2008

If at first you don't succeed.....

Well, I regained 4 pounds, but was back down 3 earlier this week. We'll see what tomorrow's weigh-in brings. This week I am going to start following Leslie Sansone's 6-week program. I will start with a WATP dvd or hit the treadmill every morning, and then in a notebook I will follow her journal outline and reading her tips, etc. (Call me silly, but I don't want to write in the book itself! lol) I am eating enough, although not as many veggies as I should be. The calorie counts each day are good, unless I'm missing things. So, in the calendar I keep in my purse, I will just start jotting down every little thing I eat.

I have started applying for MT jobs. I've even gotten 2 rejections! :-) Not a big deal, and it was because they weren't hiring "newbies" at the moment. I did bite the bullet and applied for the 2 that I really want to work for. I'm also debating on whether I can "handle" being a statutory employee, as far as taxes go. I'll have to do some more research on that. If I think I can do it, then I will apply for another company that really looks promising.

I had a productive weekend. I did some decluttering in my office and my room. I even got my rocking chair in my room like I've been wanting to do! Now I can sit in the chair and journal at night, or read, or whatever. That is a nice feeling.

I think by the time spring comes around (it was snowing again today, but nothing stuck) I will have a van-full of boxes of stuff to get rid of! haha And I'm not done yet. That's pretty scary. :-)


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