Monday, June 30, 2008

End of June Already??

I can't believe this is the last day of June. The year is half-over. Where has it gone???

At least I'm moving down on the scale consistently. That is nice to see again. I am eating less, and not feeling hungry, so that's an improvement. I am going to try to drink more water & less soda. I'm also going to move more. Really, I am. :-) I've already sorta started. I need to increase my steps on my pedometer, so when I'm walking around the house, I double-step everything. My family looks at me like I'm crazy, but they should have already figured that out by now, right? :-)

I got to do the self-paced training for my project for my employer. It was tough. The desktop didn't want to let the program run properly, so I ended up doing it on the laptop. At least I was able to get it done.

Yesterday was a rough day. I wanted to make oat banana breakfast cookies (for ease of grabbing as I walk out the door to walk is the theory) and I mixed up the wet ingredients, then started to combine the dry. Only to discover I was out of dry milk (which my son and I were certain we had) and baking soda. Who doesn't have baking soda in their house?!? (Turns out, my friend Bryan, doesn't. But he's a bachelor. That doesn't count.) My DH was able to get some on the way home from work, so they got made in the midnight! lol

I was also making a photo album for my 2 year old nephew, and the printer kept jamming on the non-brand paper. I finally got it to work, but that 30 minute project took last night and today to finish. But they're both done, and that's what counts.

(Oh yes, the cookies are wonderful! AND they have 4 g of fiber AND I wasn't hungry - as in no stomach growling - for 3-1/2 hours!)

Tomorrow will be a "town trip." I'm going to go in, donate blood, pick up my final check from the vet clinic, and my son will take the aluminum cans to be recycled.

Then home again to work. :-)


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