Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Uff da!!

Well...I"m having a rough day. I really don't like my job anymore, and so after being ill the last 2 days, it was harder than ever to go back. I'm sure the 40 below wind chill factors had nothing to do with that, also. ;-)

I am a bit more stressed as of late. I am in the last 4 weeks of my MT course. Finals are right around the corner!! Not to mention then taking employment exams, the RMT exam...uff da!! I am pulling all As right now, so I'm not overly worried. But they are not as high as I would like. I'm keeping in mind that in the field, my accuracy has to be 98% or better.

So I know that exercising will help me relieve my stress, and I am another step closer to having my workout area. My son & I cleaned the upstairs den, we call it the Broncos room because that is where my husband's Broncos stuff is. The bike is now set so I can watch TV while exercising. My goal was to ride it while watching the evening news, when I get home from work. The floor is cleaned up enough that I can do a WATP dvd, or a bellydance dvd, or whatever. Where my treadmill is located is good, it just needs some tidying up. But I can use the treadmill. It's just that my waterbed is so much warmer!! lol

I do have a positive, though. For the first time, my 2 year old nephew said he loved me!! We live 300 miles away, so it's hard to see him as much as I would (and his little brother!!). My brother called me, and at the end of our conversation got his attention enough to get on the phone. I said "Hi Chad, I love you!" And he said "I love you, Bye!" lol So sweet, though!! So that will be my happy thought for the night!!!


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