Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, Monday....

Well, I'm up a couple pounds. No biggie. I mostly expected it. I didn't feel good a lot of the weekend, ate more than I should have, and just went off-kilter. I could beat myself up over it, but what's the point? Learn from it and move on.

Part of what killed me was having the fiesta platter at Taco Bell. For future reference, eat 1/2 there, and the other 1/2 for supper! lol It really was very good, though.

I didn't make my goal of exercising 3 days last week, so it will carryover as my goal this week. Also will be my goal again of limiting myself to 1 soda per day. I love my Diet Dr. Pepper, but I'm sure the sodium isn't helping!! :-)

I'm staying home today. My son went to his first dance last night, it didn't get done until midnight. While my DH took him and picked him up after, I was doing homework until 11 pm anyway, so figured I would just stay up. I thought I would be OK going to work today, but ultimately decided against it.

That means I can get a little ahead on my homework this week, right? ;-)


p.s. - That's my hedgehog, Tiggy. I should start to follow her example! She runs on her wheel for 1/2 hour every morning!! :-)

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