Friday, September 26, 2008

Un-freakin' believable....

I don't normally blog in the mornings. In fact, I *should* be working. But I am so ticked off (because I don't want to get in trouble for language).

His schedule yesterday was 12pm-8pm. He walked out the door at 8 am. I asked what was going on, because I was truly surprised. He claimed there was a cook-off at another restaurant and that he told us about it the night before. Possible, but not likely. So I said I was sorry, I guess I was just going by what was posted on his schedule and that there was nothing written on the calender. He shrugged and left. No hug, kiss, nothing. (Granted, I was on the phone with Tanya, but still.)

I really wasn't going to be mad about it. After I got off work at 9pm, I stopped and filled the van with gas (down to $3.399 a gallon for 10% ethanol..woohoo!!) and drove home. No spouse. I called my son down from his room and asked if he knew where he was. Nope. No phone call, no text message, nothing. So much for sleeping well. Upset stomach is never a good way to fall asleep. emoticon I know that the last time I looked at the clock (still sick and coughing every 20 minutes) it was almost 11pm. Off at 8, hm?

I decided this morning I wasn't going to play alarm clock. Normally I have no problems waking him at 630 after my son gets on the bus. Today I decided to take a shower late instead. And instead of warning him I was turning the lights on, I just turned them on as if he wasn't there.

Now, among all this, I'm also trying to retrain my dog to not get up on the beds. But every morning, when I go upstairs, she jumps off when she hears me start up the steps. This morning was the same, but she was laying down at the foot of the bed instead of standing up. So I asked her what she was doing down there and he said, "Because I kicked her off the bed." Which may or may not be true, but I know that I heard her get off the bed as I was coming upstairs, so if so, he waited until the last minute to do it. And so far, that is the only conversation we've had this morning.

All week long I've been fighting this cold. Since I don't have to go in until 12:30 (except Fridays when I go in at 11), it would have been nice to be able to sleep in to help kick it. Oh no. I am up at 530 to get my son on the bus and he sleeps until 630 when I crawl back into bed for a couple hours again. And we all know how well one sleeps at that point. emoticon

It's been a stressful first week on my shift. Not the job itself, which is good. Just the way things are at home. My son's grades are really bad in a few classes. He lost his school laptop until the end of the quarter due to trying to sign into MSN Messenger (after he had it taken away for a week due to copying the myspace messenger on to it). Now he's having to do it all by hand (my goodness, how old-fashioned!! emoticon ) and getting caught up. But he says he is, and since the teachers only sporadically post grades, I will have to wait and see. He has been doing really well on getting his chores done before I get home (or really close to it). He can use my laptop, but he only has access to what I give him access to. Better than nothing, right? emoticon Even though the teachers have said he can do the work without a computer, he still has to go online to get it and turn it in. Doesn't quite make sense....

On that note, I hear my washing machine is done so I'm going to put my comforter on the clothesline to dry and finish getting to my day. The positive for the day is that I got paid yesterday and today I have the checkbook 98% out of the red!! emoticon


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