Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday, Sunday....

I can only remember that line of that song, but you know. emoticon

I finished my last week of training. The gal no one likes really struggled when we got on the phones all day. I may not like her, but I don't wish ill will on her. She is very fortunate to work with this company. The call center I used to work for would have fired you for not being able to do the work after training, and for the quality "dings" she was getting (incorrect verification, saying "oh crap" on the phone, things like that) . She will be retaking the training class. I think she is very grateful for that, and I do hope she will do better the 2nd time around. I also hope that she won't be sitting near me when she is done. I still don't like her. emoticon

We did get our desks Friday. I didn't get the one I wanted, but I am sharing a "cube" with the gal I hit it off with in training, so that's good. The other gal of our little "trio" is now driving us nuts. Her phone demeanor went from no-nonsense voice to almost yelling at the customers. I don't know. I think I just have issues with the personalities of people some times. I try to be more tolerant, and I know I'm working on that whole patience thing...I just wish it would hurry up!! emoticon

I go to my night shift tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, in a way. I've been having issues with my son, so I'm also concerned about it. He is struggling with school. Mostly in remembering to follow the rules (his school laptop has been taking away for the quarter) and now he will have to really take charge as he has to keep track of everything again. He has always struggled with organization. We'll see how things go.

As for my spouse, in August he was offered a job at another restaurant starting at $3,000 more a year plus benefits. But because his supervisor was out on medical leave, he didn't bother to pursue it. He didn't want to leave her in a lurch and "the job will be there if her and I can't negotiate for something close to it." Well, my health insurance will run $240-ish a pay period for all 3 of us. If I do just Ori and me, it would be around $160? I think. So, after taxes he would be bringing hom an additional $300 a month and save around $160 a month on my income for insurance. It apparently wasn't worth pursuing. Last night I mentioned that it was close to the time to get signed up for health insurance, is that job an option yet or should I put it out of my head? He said I should just put it out of my head. I told him that we need to start rethinking things, because even with my income, we are just barely meeting the bills. The van is looking to be in need of more repairs (I think the starter is flaking out) and the car is not going to last forever. Dad is concerned about his job (not because of the job itself, but he has an ankle that is weakened from an accident in high school that almost took his foot off) so we can't keep falling back on him. No comment. In fact, he left for work an hour early, although he says he told us about that last night. Neither of us remember it, but oh well. (This was all yesterday.) It just keeps looking like he keeps his job as his number 1 priority. Vacations are planed around work schedules. His whole life revolves around that job. I understand loyalty. I applaud it. However, there is such a thing as backing the wrong horse. This job gives him nothing in return except stress. He does get discounts on motel rooms, but that's not something we use often. In fact, only once, and that was because I was going to a medical transcription symposium and while we could have stayed at his sister's house, I knew it would be hard to get up and moving there. emoticon It's frustrating.

I did sit down and look at a budget if I left him. It's not pretty. It's do-able, but not pretty. But I am also in the predicament of the fact that my cousin loaned us the money for the house, and I will not leave him in the lurch. I don't think that he would be willing to still contract with my spouse. And I know that my spouse could not get a mortgage if his life depended on it. At least, not without help. And I don't think his mother is willing to help that much at this point.

We'll just take it day by day, I suppose. One of my main frustrations has been lack of money for groceries. I can't afford decent groceries, let alone fresh fruits and veggies. I'm lucky to be able to buy bread, milk, peanut butter, ya know? I know, we could save money by giving up the pets. But when I did the math, it would be $40 a month. For all of them. And that is a small price to pay to keep laughing and smiling. Not to mention rodent control. emoticon The cats had another mouse this morning. The dog was ready to help out! It was funny and it made me laugh and I wouldn't give that up. Not to mention the unconditional love and affection I get from them. Even the geckos. They are fun to watch and even will come out when I call their names on occasion.

Well, I need to end this on a positive note. I have been doing a lot of ranting and raving lately. I am doing really well at my job. I am averaging more contacts per hour than some people who have been on the floor for a year. I am hitting the same amounts as some of the people on my team who have been there for longer than me. My quality scores would have been great had I been monitored (quality scoring starts on the 1st day of the month following "graduation"). It means I should have good incentives.

I will be able to get on a schedule with exercising again. I know I planned on walking on the treadmill, but I think I will take the dog for a walk instead. I think she will really enjoy it!! (That's her above.) As long as the weather endures, that may be my plan of action for awhile.

I will keep looking for the positives. I know they are there, and I will need to keep them in focus for awhile. emoticon


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