Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Sunday!!

Well, I started this out as a rant against my spouse, but I think I will hold off. It's the same petty stuff. I never thought it was so difficult to get someone to pick up after themselves or to take pride in their appearance and things. Apparently, I was wrong. Apparently, picking up your laundry, putting it in the appropriate basket (whites, others, jeans), putting it away after I've washed it, and not using the laundry room as a changing room are just too difficult. Even when one agrees every week to do all of the above. Stupid and petty on my part? Perhaps. But I happen to like my house, and I want to have people come over and be comfortable in it. I cant' do that when there are styrofoam cups from work laying around, and clothes on the folding table and floor around it (from them being piled so high and then rummaged through when getting dressed) and no tobacco on the table (he rolls his own cigarettes which saves a lot of money, but I'm sure it's not good for the cats/dog to taste it!!) and so on and so on.

(Believe me, what I deleted was a lot longer!! emoticon)

So, the above picture was a Friday/Saturday project. I got the pattern from
and with some modifications I got the above. My arms are not one long skinny size. emoticon The building where I work is rather chilly in the mornings, but not so much I need a sweater yet. And in the afternoons it's too hot for any thing heavier than a polo shirt or such. These will fit the bill nicely, I think. And I found out that they are apparently "in style" no less. Girls at my son's school wear them. I did a shorter pair in white with a different pattern, but I didn't like those as much. Right now I'm working on an "acorn bag" for a friend. It's supposed to be big enough to hold a pair of socks while being knit. We'll see. I might need to make a 2nd one with a bigger hook!! emoticon

I am still working on the cabled heather wrap from
in deep teal heather. I needed some instant gratification projects this weekend though! I also did quite a bit of work on my son's flannelghan. I should have that done by his b-day or Christmas.

I am walking on our afternoon break with a couple gals. Not much, but it's given me about a 10% increase in my steps on my pedometer. This upcoming week is our last week in training and then we switch to night shift. So the 22nd I'll be working M-Th 12:30-9pm, Fr 11am-7:30pm and alternating Saturdays 8am-4:30pm. The upside to that is that in the mornings, after my son gets on the bus, I can watch my tv show from the night before while on the treadmill. emoticon For now I'll have to use this old-fashioned gadget called a VCR. Once I have my credit cards paid down (off!) then I will get Dish Network. I had an appointment scheduled using my debit card for billing purposes. But they require a $1 hold on a credit card overnight before they will send a tech out! What on earth?!?! I was super mad, and I still don't understand it. A debit card is just as good. They "offered" to let me ask a close friend or family member to use their card (ain't going to happen!) OR I can pay for the equipment up front and not worry about the 24-month commitment (which I never said would be a problem)....for $399. So we went from a $1 "hold" to $399 in less than 30 seconds. BUT they have the best value package so if I want something with DVR capabilities, that is what I will need to do. DirectTV will let you have 2 DVRS but you only get one free after rebate, you have to pay $100 upfront for the other one and I wanted to just lease the equipment for now. If I'm going to pay for equipment with TiVo, I also would have to pay an extra $15 a month for the service. DishNetwork gets me 2 DVR units (one upstairs and one downstairs) plus 100 more channels (including some we really want and are not an option with our local provider) for the same cost.

So back to that whole VCR thing. The quality is poor, but it will work for now. So Tuesday mornings I will watch "Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein" (hottie alert!!), Wednesday mornings I will watch "Fringe" (new show and another hottie alert!), Thursday mornings will be "Ghosthunters" and Fridays I don't know yet. Nor Monday mornings. Those shows are all on before I get home at night. And at an hour (with commercials, which I'll probably fast forward through) long they will be great for watching while on the treadmill!!

On that note....this got really long! I'm happy to report my friend's daughter is cancer-free and so they can focus on the infectious processes her body is fighting. Still sending many thoughts and prayers her way. emoticon


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