Saturday, December 29, 2012

The end of 2012...on to new beginnings!

Well. It seems we all survived the apocalypse. Or, it happened and the government is covering it up.

I'm looking back over 2012, as I'm sure many people are, and I'm wondering what I've accomplished, what I should have done different, and how I've changed.

I've accomplished a lot, actually. Small things but they add up just the same. Just as too many small things can overwhelm us negatively, we really should look at the small accomplishments too and let the positive overwhelm us.

--I've learned several new knitting techniques. This opens up many more possibilities for my craft.

--I've learned more about how I interact with people. This frees me to be me and know what I am and am not capable of and most importantly, to be okay with this.

--I've learned that mentally I can be objective about things and that I still need to work on that externally. Case in point is my job. I love the job. I really like the majority of my coworkers. I love the company. The benefits are respectable. BUT. I took a net $260 a month loss to work there under the impression a raise to a more livable wage would occur when I was hired on from the temp agency. The $250 I saved on auto parts? Does not make up the $1300 net loss on income over 5 months. As of today I still have not had the review & raise I was promised when I was hired on July 29th. And so I have to objectively look at this and make the best decision financially so we can thrive instead of survive--and unfortunately having a good work team does not keep the electricity turned on.

--I've learned too that I need to focus on me a lot more and this job does not allow that. After working 9-1/2 hour days, it's hard to come home, cook, clean, workout, and relax. Having Wednesdays off just does not make up for it.

--I'm remembering what I've done in the past to make things work when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle and I've dug those tools back out and am preparing to put them to use again.

--I am so blessed for the friends I have. Doc, HunniBear, Miss Kitty and EmeraldWytch have been such a huge blessing this past year. They've really helped me cope and learn to cope. And all my other friends, too. Though we don't all always talk as much as we would like, I am still blessed to have you in my life.

--And of course, family. I didn't get to see any of my family this year and that really hurt. It falls along the lines of that net loss up above, though. There just wasn't enough money to travel and some members of my family I just know I'm on borrowed time now. This Christmas may have been my last chance to see them.

For 2013 I have some selfish goals. Okay, so really I have two goals. And lots of little tidbits.

Goal 1: Knit 12 hats for myself. I have them picked out and the patterns in order in a file folder. I will be printing a poster on which to hang a picture of each hat as it is finished. I'm doing this because I always find my knitting ladies so adorable when they wear their knit hats and berets and tams and thought why not?

Goal 2: Walk/bike/hike/run 2013 miles. For some, this is easy. It is only 5 miles a day, after all. But I'm back to not being able to walk up a flight of stairs easily again and so this will be a very good map to health.

For the little things:

Using my Richard Simmons Food Mover again. Try the recipes that I loved and work with Doc to create new ones.

Learning to read Tarot cards. They've intrigued me for decades. I printed off a course back when B&N offered online classes. It's time.

Take time every day for me. Meditation, journaling, whatever.

Create one piece of art daily. To this end, my brother was awesome enough to get me a watercolor lesson a day calendar--I can't believe he remembered!

Ultimately, by the end of 2013 I want to have a nice emergency fund and be working from home nearly full time and part time as a "bread and butter." I want to have my Etsy shop established and would love to be a part of next year's Crafty Mart.

2013. The year of Me.

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