Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy February!! And some big news!

You know....I'm thinking regular blogging just might not be my thing.....

That might be changing, however. You see, we're moving. And by moving, I mean moving. We're doing something people only dream about, talk about, hope for.

We've bought a Skoolie - a school bus that's been converted into an RV.

Meet Wanda the Wandering Bus. Yup, she's in need of some work (the other side is light blue!) cosmetically, but the engine? Is sound. 1500 miles on a rebuilt Ford 390 big block. When we looked at her, she fired right up and purred like a kitten - I almost couldn't hear it inside!

The inside is definitely 1980s hunting cabin - but surprisingly clean. Yes, there are stains here and there. The curtains are gross. But it is odor-free - even with the water damage we could see in a couple of areas. So we've got a lot of work ahead of us, but we're able to pay cash and then it's a matter of finding a place to park. Which we have - we'll be in the Pacific North West by May. We're leaving Ohio April 1 and taking a nice drive to get there - stopping in the Black Hills to visit friends and family for a week or so.

Which brings me to this post. We live in a 2-bedroom/2-story apartment right now. It's the top 2 floors of a 1920's house. (And the "charm" is long gone - it's been too poorly maintained for too long to be charming anymore.) So, some serious culling is in the works.

By the time it's said and done, close to 200 books are being sold. Probably 75% of our DVD collection is being sold. Currently, 90% of my wardrobe fits into a suitcase and a carry-on set. I'll have a small bag for socks, etc. and a small bag for things like my yoga pants, exercise tops, etc. Right now, I have 2 30-gallon trash bags and 2 13-gallon trash bags of clothes to go. (I'm not done yet, either. There's a box in the closet and 2 vacuum seal bags yet to sort.) I would guess about 90% of my cross stitch supplies are going. I'll keep some of the books, but otherwise, the last few things I've stitched were from kits.

And today - well, today I've hit the knick knacks. I've received some lovely gifts over the years from friends and family. And I do mean lovely. A teapot. A decorative chest with ornaments inside. A vase. A ceramic bowl with a horse pattern. The vase and bowl have been on display while we've lived here in Ohio (since May 2011), but I'd completely forgotten the other two. I have a butterfly diorama that is lovely - and still in a box. And this area has always been a hard area for me. People took the time to get me a gift. It's not only a physical gift, but it was a gift of their time, as well. And I feel like that needs to be acknowledged and so I keep things - even if they're not my style, don't fit my decor, or even things I didn't really like but I loved the thought behind them.

And now, I've come to realize, it's time to just let things go. And so for the people who've given me things - I hope they realize that I will always cherish the thought behind the gift, and the intent, and the good will. That in letting the items go on to someone else, I'm doing so with the intent of sharing that love, that intent, that gift.

And also because we're going to be 2 humans and a cat in just under 200 square feet of living space! Now THAT'S going to be an adventure!!

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