Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stinkin' Snow


OK, so it really is beautiful snow. I'm just tired of it. And the cold. Can we do something about the cold please? Ah well.

I did find out that the house did not sell after all. I am seriously ticked off about this, but what can you do? They did have another showing earlier this week so who knows what the future will bring? I don't feel that the realtors were working in my best interest but I have such limited knowledge of real estate law I'm not sure. The whole experience has left me jaded against owning a home again, however.

I am still walking to work 4 days a week, although this week I did drive yesterday due to air temps being 13 below zero and I wanted to get groceries after work anyway. I'll make up for it Saturday by walking to the post office (my usual route is home - work - post office - home for a total of 14 blocks).

The dog is having some difficulties with the changes and so she has a bit of an upset digestive system. Yuck. But she'll get settled soon enough. Part of it is having to mix dog foods and she just doesn't agree with some of the less expensive brands. But this too shall pass. Poor girl. In the meantime she's so disappointed in herself.

Last night we tried avocado-goatcheese-peppered bacon sandwiches with creamy tomato basil soup and it was really good! Not something I could eat a lot of, but it was nummy!! I'm going to try to get back to logging what I eat (since I realized I was not getting in enough calories) and my exercise and see how it goes.

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