Sunday, April 15, 2007

Interesting things of note, but probably only to me. :-)

I've spent the last couple of weeks not wanting to be near a computer, not wanting to work, read, crochet or really do much of anything. Want to know what I have to show for it?

WEIGHT GAIN. Yup. Weight gain. Here I am, trying to get healthier, and where has it gotten me? NOWHERE. Urgh.

I read somewhere that your fat cells have something to do with storing hormones (I think it was estrogen, but don't quote me on that). And with these excess hormones, obese people are typically more lethargic, depressed, etc. etc. No wonder it's so hard to get up off my patootie and work out. BUT I also know that when I do work out, I feel better for a long time afterward.

I also think the weather has a lot to do with how we feel. Here in eastern South Dakota, we've had rain or snow non-stop for the last few months. We had a week of gorgeous (we're talking 70s here!) weather, then it snowed again, then rain rain and more rain. On Friday, I ran to Mitchell to get dog food (Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, I highly recommend it!!) and run a couple of other errands (ShopKo had an awesome 2-day sale on bookshelves, for one!). On the way back, I stopped at a gas station for a drink and a snack (Jack's Links Jerky, gotta love it!!). The cashier mentioned how she had noticed that, even though the price of gas had just gone up 10 cents a gallon, no one that day complained about it. They ALL commented on the gorgeous weather. She said even regulars that came in and were known for being "grumpy" were not as grumpy as usual. As I drove home, I thought about what she had said, and thought back over my day. I had worked a 1/2 day at the hospital, walked the 4 blocks to where my DH works so I could get the van, ran my errands, parking farther away than usual at the stores, and I was in a great mood. The walk felt good, even carrying my bag of stuff. I enjoyed it, even though I was walking in public were lots of people could see me (pretty rare for me!!).

So, could SAD have been part of what's been wrong with me all these months? Do I just need, like everyone does, a little more sunshine in my life? :-) I know our dog is certainly enjoying the nicer days. She is still stuck on a tie-out in the back yard, but at least she's not cooped up in the house anymore!! We do plan on building her a kennel this summer, money permitting. :-) But the tie-out works for her, and will work even better when we get the tree limbs cleared up and I can move it so she has a full circle to run instead of just 2/3 of one. The cats have all found the sunny spots throughout the day, and you can just about set your sundial by them. :-)

One thing I am really looking forward to doing is sitting on my front porch and crocheting. The pink slouchy shrug didn't turn out well with the yarn choices I made, so I'm re-doing it using directions I found at the Crochetville forum. It's slow going, as I rushed to get the slouchy one done and now my wrist is a bit unhappy. Darn tendinitis. :-) Even sitting on the front porch and reading will be nice!! :-) I also plan on making a kerchief with some leftover yarns, but otherwise I don't have any new projects I plan on starting. Scratch that, yes I do. LOL Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. :-)

We still have the limbs of 10 trees in our yard. My town, in its infinite wisdom, gave the key to the area for yard waste to someone who does not have a phone. I'm just waiting for them to complain about the back yard!! I will send a note with this month's water/trash payment requesting that this person contact us so we can get this done finally. Hopefully before the grass dies beneath the limbs!!

This week we'll be taking a day trip to Sioux Falls for our neice's birthday. She'll be TWO already, I can hardly believe it. I have to pick up the rest of her gift and make the dress we decided on for her. Wal-Mart has this cute fabric that is pre-gathered at the top specifically for this, and because most of the work is done, it will be a quick project (that I hopefully won't botch! LOL).

Well, this is probably enough rambling for the day...thanks for checking in!!


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