Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's Eve!!

Well, here's to the end of 2006. In my house, it was a year of changes, good and bad, and losses. We moved from the Black Hills to 2 hours north of Sioux Falls in March, and we absolutely love it here. At the end of summer, I started part time at the hospital, which gave us medical benefits and steady income to supplement my at-home income. My DH lost his step-grandfather (July) and step-aunt (December), and I lost my mother (November). My mother's was the most unexpected loss, she had a fatal heart attack at only 54. No warnings or anything, she woke up that day, started the coffee going, logged online to check e-mail, and then she was gone. It's still very heart-wrenching.

So, for 2007. It's going to be a year of changes. Mom's death was a wake-up call. She was only about 30 pounds "overweight" (I never really thought of her as overweight, but she did carry it right at the waist, the worst spot) and I am about 150 pounds overweight (but it's all over, so "better" for heart disease?). I have joined Discovery Health's National Body Challenge, 8 weeks of being held accountable to A LOT of people!! LOL I'm not focused on losing weight so much as I am on getting healthier. But a big part of that is exercising and eating right, of course. That's change 1.

Next change is becoming more focused on my WAH contract, and earning at least $500 per month on that. That means working for at least 5 hours a day on my days off from my job, and focusing on that and probably turn the IMs off (sorry guys!).

September I am planning on going back to school. Wonder if anyone will notice I'm 33, not 18? ;-) I plan on getting a 2-year AAS degree in Medical Secretary/Transcription, and then working towards working from home full time as a transcriptionist. So that will be a big change, and hopefully I can figure out a way to squeeze in 20 hours of work a week to keep the benefits. Hopefully they'll work with me, too!! :-)

How about everyone else? Will 2007 be a year of changes for you, too?


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